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Expedition Zero horror survival game released

Expedition Zero horror survival game released


The game keeps the voltage factor roughly high throughout.

Trapping anywhere is not the most pleasant feeling in the world, especially when it is icy cold, unprecedented horrors attack us, and the location is a completely enclosed military research base. These are combined with the ones just released Expedition Zeroin which horror survival game we have to find a way out of exactly such circumstances.

You can also feel the intense tension in the trailer of the game, you never know which corner will attack us next.

With the main character of Expedition Zero, we also have to endure starvation and the danger of frost, but we will have a chance by collecting raw materials. We can also assemble various items from the items we find, and in battle there will be a mecha armor to help us, but we have to find that first. With each passing day, we can become stronger and stronger, and in the meantime we can become more and more aware of the weaknesses of the creatures attacking us, but instead of counterattacking, we sometimes have to hide in the dark.

We can plunder abandoned science labs, houses, churches, and roam the creepy forest looking for a way out and hope. He tries to break even the most experienced, steel-nerved horror players with his deadly environment and even more deadly opponents. In the gameplay, in addition to our own survival, we can slowly put together pieces of the past to see how experiments have transformed former humans and animals into something completely different.

Expedition Zero has arrived on PC.