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Facebook already has its own Reels, copied from Instagram


Facebook already has its own Reels, copied from Instagram

Social networks compete with each other to get as many users as possible. To do this, they release new features that attract more people to use their app. Although, in some, creativity shines through its abandonment. It is the case of Facebook and its new reels.

The truth is that Mark Zuckerberg’s social network has solved a function that is beyond being innovative or surprising. They basically incorporate into their mobile interpretation a tool that has been around for a long time on another platform, like Instagram Reels.

Facebook prodded its own reels, an idea imported from Instagram

In turn, this Instagram theme was inspired by tiktok and its vertical short videos. However, they are also having great success in the social network, since they have full integration in the application, along with the usual Stories and publications on Instagram.

Then, that Facebook is the fourth in contention to disclose this function it gives an image of little innovation and that the social network is profiting. Remember that YouTube Shorts has also been implemented on the network for some time.

Even so, if you are a regular intern and you are interested in this novelty, we will tell you the details of it. The reason for this incorporation is due to the consumption trend of users. According to a company spokesman, the the part of the content that the relatives see is video and of short durationThat is why they have decided to make this change of course.

The feature has not yet been officially resolved in the final version of the app, but testing is underway on a few scholarship accounts, which are chosen on a selective basis. Furthermore, these tests are limited, for the time being, in United States accounts.

In this way, the small order of privileged people who can test the function have the possibility to watch these videos directly from the main feed or through the ‘Groups’ tab. It is then present in various areas of the application so that this format can be easily consumed.

On the other hand, taking advantage of the fact that Instagram and Facebook are the same property, the Reels that you publish in the first social network you can share them in the second, or vice versa. Thanks to the integration between the two platforms, you can perform this step automatically.