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Fairies will fill Black Desert Online with magic

Fairies will fill Black Desert Online with magic

We still don’t know when it will arrive Black Desert Online to PlayStation 4, although we do know that it will do so at some point in 2018. For now, we can settle for knowing the new features that are coming to the PC version and that we can possibly enjoy on consoles in the future.

the last one is the arrival of the fairiesa new system that Pearl Abyss and Kakao Games will release tomorrow after this week’s maintenance.

the power of fairies

Fairies are peaceful creatures that enjoyed flowers under the command of Queen Theiah. One day, the golden portal of the fairy world openedand not being able to resist her curiosity, Laila bravely jumped into the adventure, reaching the world of Black Desert.

Players can seek and find laila and use her travel companion by completing various missions. Laila can learn different skills, which will benefit players and make life in Black Desert Online more enjoyable.

To give it more personality and prominence, Melissa Hutchison was in charge of dubbing the voice of the fairy Laila. She is about the talented voice actress, known by many players, for lending her voice to Clementineprotagonist of the adventures of Telltale, The Walking Dead. He also gave voice to the champion of League of Legends, Ash. If you want to listen to it you can do it in the trailer that shows the new content coming to Black Desert Online.

There are 4 different Tiers for Laila, and each Tier is divided into 10 levels. Every 10 levels Laila will tier up and receive a random ability. All fairies are equipped with the Luck +1 skill, which will increase the chances of obtaining rare items.

The skills of the fairies will help us in many ways, but the most used will be their flashlight ability with which we can walk through dark places. Among other skills, we can find: automatic water purificationwhich is ideal for survival in the desert; breathe underwater; instant resurrection without penalties; and finally, an ability with which we will take a life potion automatically when we are about to die.

Adventurers will be able to watch their fairy Laila grow and level up by feeding her items like Rocaba and Grunil, or with Sweet Mead, a drink that we can create in Black Desert Online. The maximum level for fairies is 40, and we will get it at Tier 4.