British developers need £ 120,000 to play their 2.5D game.

The British Ironsun Studios indie team believe that the steampunk world doesn’t show up very much in today’s games, which is why they chose this one under development. Fathomto. Exploring the depths of the Caribbean awaits us while solving puzzles and fighting in the gameplay, between the wildlife and caves of the seabed and ancient ruins. They want to raise £ 120,000 for all this, on Kickstarter, which is so popular these days. According to the story, the protagonist we manage is Nathaniel Lockhart, a Victorian shipwreck in the 1870s who doesn’t remember getting into the wreckage. On the other hand, he has visions in which, on the one hand, a submarine structure, the Bathysphere, is outlined in front of him, and, on the other hand, his nightmares also reveal an attack that hit his ship earlier. He builds the structure and dives to discover the secret of Atlantis, repair the structures there, and uncover the secret by solving ancient puzzles.


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