FIFA is a series that has been around for a very long time. Every year at least one FIFA title appears, but often even several and that is of course not nothing. In the meantime, 27 parts have already been released and the 28th part is planned in a few days. In this special we give an overview of all FIFA’s that have appeared so far and we also try to tell something nice about it.

The first FIFA appeared at the end of 1993. So this was quite a few years ago now. FIFA had to compete with Sensible Soccer in that year. FIFA INTERNATIONAL SOCCER was especially impressive because it was the first football game that you could watch from the side and not from above like the competitor. In the Netherlands, Ruud Gullit was on the cover, among others.

FIFA SOCCER 95 appeared in 1994. The word international has since then been omitted from the title and the game also contained the year of the coming year. An understandable choice because the game came out at the end of the year and would otherwise quickly look old. New in this FIFA were the club teams that were not yet processed in the previous version. Eric Thorstvedt of Tottenham was on the cover this year.

In 1995 FIFA SOCCER 96 appeared with 3D graphics for the first time, which was a big step forward for the series. This FIFA is also known as the first FIFA in which the real names of players were used. In that year we saw Frank de Boer on the cover.

FIFA 97 appeared in 1996. The word soccer was also omitted from the title. FIFA 96 featured an original 6-on-6 futsal mode that we haven’t seen very often since. Also a novelty was the professional commentary recorded by John Motson and Andy Gray. Two men who will still be known to fans of the FIFA franchise at this point. On the cover we see the Frenchman David Ginola returning.

FIFA 98 is considered by many to be one of the best FIFA games ever made. To date, there are still people who consider this game as their favorite football game and that is of course a good result. This was the first FIFA that really caught on with the general public, among other things because of the combination between playing with club teams and the national teams. The covers for this part were divided by region, including: David Beckham, Paolo Maldini and David Ginola.

Partly due to the success of FIFA 98, FIFA 99 faced a major problem. Nowadays, licenses had to be paid for and EA had not taken this into account for many national competitions. The result was that many football associations went to court. In Portugal it was so bad that the game had to be taken off the shelves. Even now it causes problems for FIFA, because this is the reason that we still do not see the Dutch national team in the game. Dennis Bergkamp graced the cover this year.

FIFA 2000
FIFA 2000 is the first FIFA also released in the United States. The game also featured the American MLS competition. In addition, the game also had many teams from the past, such as Real Madrid from the 1950s and Brazil from the 1970s. In the Netherlands, we saw Jaap Stam on the cover.

Fifa 2001
There is not much to say about this FIFA. Except for one remarkable feature. The CD the game was on was not just any one. Due to the so-called scratch & sniff function, it smelled like grass. Edgar Davids could be seen on the cover in the Netherlands.

Unlike the other FIFAs, this one had the word football in the title. New to the game was a card game called Panini in which you could unlock special players in the game. A nice feature that unfortunately we didn’t see coming back. Ruud van Nistelrooy graces the Dutch cover this year.

FIFA SOCCER 2003 saw the word soccer in the title for the first time in years. Striking was the Elite league in which 18 top teams had to compete against each other. Ajax was the only club to make an appearance in this competition. Like the card game from the previous year, we have not seen this tournament in later features. Just like two years before, we saw Edgar Davids return on the Dutch cover.

FIFA SOCCER 2004 featured a new option that is still very popular today. It concerns the manager position in which yes, as a manager, could work on a club for a number of seasons. This is also the first FIFA to know teams from South America. The international cover featured three major players: Alessandro Del Piero, Thierry Henry and Ronaldinho.

FIFA SOCCER 2005 is known as the last PlayStation game released in America and that is of course special. Furthermore, this part also had the possibility to make feint movements with the right stick. A feature that was much appreciated by many people. The cover featured Patrick Viera, Fernando Morientes and Andiry Shevchenko.

The introduction of this part brought about major changes. 50% of the FIFA engine was changed. This breathed new life into the series. On the front we saw Wayne Roney and Ronaldinho come back.

FIFA 07 was a nice title, but no more than that. It has therefore not been a very important title for the franchise. However, in this part the much acclaimed Interactive League was introduced in which you have to win as many matches online with your favorite club to collect points for this club. On the cover we saw Wayne Rooney and Ronaldinho return again.

FIFA 08 is considered one of the best games in the FIFA franchise. The game was praised for its realism and felt less static than ever. Still, there were a number of negatives, but luckily they seem to have been remedied in FIFA 09. Just like FIFA 06 and FIFA 07, we also saw Wayne Rooney and Ronaldinho on the cover this time.

In addition to all the FIFAs that we have discussed so far, a number of special FIFAs have also been made. For example in connection with a European Championship or just for a single platform. See the list below:

– Zico Soccer and Tactical Soccer on the Super Famicom
– FIFA 64 the first FIFA game on the Nintendo 64
– FIFA Soccer World Championship (only released in Japan)
– Champions League 2004 – 2005
– Champions League 2006-2007
– World Cup 98
– 2002 FIFA World Cup
– FIFA 2006: Road to the World Cup
– 2006 FIFA World Cup
– Euro 2000
– Euro 2004


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