The Dutch football season will start again this week, a new FIFA game also seems to be close again. This time Electronic Arts managed to release some new images of this 2007 version. The already 10th version in the FIFA series should be graphically very striking. But that’s not all of course…

Movement and bumping into opponents has now been greatly improved in addition to the already improved positioning and passing of your players. EA did this to provide a more realistic atmosphere and style in the 2007 release. EA wants to continue with this in the coming years until new techniques come on the market that ensure that everything changes, but that will take a while. In any case, it seems pretty clear to me that EA has changed the game controllers. In the most recent past, players sometimes wanted to go their own way (not to mention the coach mode), which caused a lot of irritation among fans of the series. EA is starting to build a new FIFA game earlier and earlier, and that’s a good thing because that way you have more time to make something of the game. There is also some tweaking to the game situations. With the left analog stick you can topspin or backspin the ball and take your free kicks and corners more creatively and with more finesse. Nice or not, because the free kicks could still be taken in a special way in the 2004 version, and EA has built this again in the 2007 version. It all seems to be well worked out, EA has kept things secret this year than in previous years as they might want to slit Konami and Pro Evolution Soccer this year (by way of) to take the throne themselves.

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