Electronic Arts Inc. has released FIFA 08 across all platforms across Europe. Sports fans will once again be immersed in a football game that more than rivals the complexity, class and beauty of the real sport. EA SPORTS will release a free downloadable feature update of FIFA 08 for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system and PLAYSTATION 3 computer entertainment system next month. In this additional expansion ‘Play Like a Pro: Online Team Play Match’, ten players can play a FIFA 08 match online, wherever they are.

In the new Play Like Pro: Offline Training mode, players are challenged to learn the skills needed to become a true professional soccer player. Play the game as one regular football player and are challenged to learn the same skills as real football players: from position play and tackles to game overview and passing. As a soccer player, take the game to the next level with real-time feedback and analysis. The unique camera position keeps a close eye on both player and action, and the camera zooms in with each attack.

With the release of FIFA 08 for PLAYSTATION 3, football fans and gamers are now launching a campaign to showcase their gaming skills on a global level: the fourth annual online FIFA Interactive World Cup tournament kicks off on PLAYSTATION Network. In parallel with the online tournament, numerous ‘live’ qualifying rounds will take place worldwide from October 2007 to April 2008. This tournament is the only world-class football game tournament officially recognized by FIFA. Each match is played on a virtual FIFA World Cup turf. The grand final will be held in May 2008 at the Sony Center in Berlin. The winner will receive an invitation to the 2008 FIFA World Player Gala and $20,000 in prize money. View on www.FIFA.com/FIWC for the official rules of the tournament, registration info and of course your own position in the FIFA Interactive World Cup standings.

FIFA 08 introduces a new organic system that allows players to combine tricks and skills. This allows them to imitate typical movements of real football stars or develop their own playing style. It is possible to record even the best moves and goals on video and upload them to the FIFA 08 website. Show your worth and share the victory with friends from all over the world. In addition, FIFA 08 is equipped with a full-fledged Next-Gen shot engine that guarantees shots that are unique every time. The game features 576 licensed teams, 30 leagues and over 15,000 players.

With the new Play Like Pro: Online Team Play Contest, coming this November for Xbox 360 and PLAYSTATION 3, five friends on five different consoles can control five different football players on the same team and compete against five rivals who play a different team. directing. The remaining teammates of both teams are controlled by the AI. Online players can also choose to play with free soccer players and teams consist of a combination of both.

In FIFA 08 you can also play in the award-winning Interactive Leagues, where you play online for your club. You then play for a season against your rivals in the English FA Premier League, the German Bundesliga, the French League or the Mexican 1st Division. In addition, the development team broadcasts a weekly podcast that you can watch in-game. In the Online Leagues, you have all the tools to create and organize your own multiplayer league for friends.

FIFA 08 will be released for the first time on Wii this year. Fans can now pass, shoot and pull off some cool tricks with a few flicks of the wrist. The revolutionary FreeMotion controls make the game accessible to all players. FIFA 08 on the Wii is more than a game, it’s a social activity that also involves a lot of movement. Ronaldinho, the face of FIFA 08, is the first professional footballer to appear as a playable character in FIFA 08, exclusively for Wii™. He is the host of the Footii Party game mode, which is specially designed for the Wii. In this mode, EA introduces unique party games, such as Foosball, Keep Up and Stairs. Here you can unlock Ronaldinho with the Mii you created yourself to take on the champion. All games in Footii Party are specially designed as multiplayer fun games for fans of all ages.

FIFA 08, developed by EA Canada in Vancouver, is now in stores for Xbox 360, PLAYSTATION 3, PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system, Wii, Nintendo DS, PSP (PlayStation Portable), PC and mobile.


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