If you can believe the image snatched by EA Sports, tomorrow’s part of this year’s football success series will be announced, in which fans want to finally see female players as well.

There’s no fall without Assassin’s Creed, Need for Speed, Call of Duty and of course FIFA episodes, for years now. The EA Sports football series beat the only real rival, Konami-listed Pro Evolution Soccer, in the fall of 2012, but this year they made serious improvements in the East. During this year’s release of PES, there will be a Fox Engine developed by Kojima Productions that will also perform under the new Metal Gear Solid. THE FIFA 14so you have to tie the virtual pants if you want to maintain your leadership position. EA Sports has recently posted a picture on Twitter as well as a call: the game will be announced tomorrow. So probably we can find out the first details about the new episode tomorrow, in the meantime we can only guess what the developers want to throw a big deal this year.
One such curiosity could be the appearance of female players, which fans of the series have been waiting for for years. There have been petitions in the past in which signatures have been collected for this, and there seem to be a similar attempt to convince developers this year as well. This is particularly prevalent overseas, where, according to some statistics, women make up 40% of football (i.e. soccer for them) fans, compared to 47% of players.


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