As expected, today they pulled the veil off the side of this year’s football series. The new episode coming in the fall comes with several interesting innovations.

Yesterday, EA Sports has indicated that today it intends to officially announce the FIFA 14-et. That’s what happened, the new football game is expected to arrive on PCs, PlayStation 3s and Xbox 360s as usual in the fall, but the exact platform list will only be released by the developers later. This year, several interesting innovations will be sought, including the Pure Shot feature, which will completely reform the mechanism for shooting at the gate. In addition, a new physical motor is responsible for the realistic movement of the ball.
“FIFA 14 evokes the experience of big football matches with action, tension and situation-building built in midfield, and incredible finishes. The opportunities for FIFA 14 matches will pay off and the huge goals will be truly spectacular.” said David Rutter, the game’s producer.
The clear shot feature completely transforms the completion of situations, allowing ingenious players to change their pre-shot tactics according to the situation. In addition to clear shots, the new shot types include tipped shots and hurried shots. The new physical engine of the ball calculates the movement of the ball in a completely realistic way, be it long shots, flat passes or a buffalo-strong, dripping ball. There will also be further innovations in gameplay: the ball defense feature allows you to cover the ball while in action, or tip your opponent out of muscle when the ball is taken over. Artificial intelligence is also further developed, both on the side of teammates and opponents, so they make more logical decisions, they catch people more closely. Defenders recognize the opportunities available to provide support or recover the ball. Attackers are also choosing new ways to get into a clean position. Sprint ball guidance will also be a new implementation, so we will be able to make more precise changes of direction even at high speeds. In order to be realistic, players come to the ball in various ways while driving the ball, which will be greatly influenced by their technical skills. In career mode, a brand new network of scouts will be available to managers. Scouts monitor promising talent throughout the year to get the most comprehensive picture of them for the transfer period.
In addition to the announcement, some pictures and, thanks to the VG247, the first trailer arrived.


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