The FIFA 19 season is now in full swing. The same goes for PS4 trophy collectors. After showing you the best tactics to keep the team balanced in any situation, in this little guide we will talk about the trophies featured in the new football title from EA Sports. A simple article that can lend a hand to those who want to complete the game 100%.

FIFA 19 comprises a total of 42 trophies: 29 Bronze, 8 Silver, 4 Gold and a Platinum. Before reading the descriptions pay attention why spoilers may be present!

The Bronze Trophies of FIFA 19

  • Thus it all began: Score a left-footed goal against Coventry City in The Journey mode.
  • Go to the basket: Score Venice in The Journey mode.
  • you can do it: Successfully complete a Mentor Challenge in The Journey mode.
  • Do it in style: Score a goal by tricking the goalkeeper with a fake shot.
  • You learn fast!: Complete 3 recommended skill tests.
  • A crazy blow!: Score a goal from long range action (from 22.9 meters or more) with a defender.
  • Perfect timing: Score a goal by kicking on goal with perfect timing.
  • Use your head: Score 3 Header Goals in a Headers & Volleys match.
  • Who starts well …– Win a match in Squad Battles in FIFA Ultimate Team.
  • Passionate: Play 20 matches in any game mode in FIFA Ultimate Team.
  • From rags to richesComplete a weekly objective in FIFA Ultimate Team.
  • The first of manyComplete a Daily Objective in FIFA Ultimate Team.
  • I begin to get carried away: Reach Gold Level 3 in Squad Battles in FIFA Ultimate Team.
  • Strategist: Create your own tactic in FIFA Ultimate Team.
  • Team buildingComplete 10 Squad Building Challenges in FIFA Ultimate Team.
  • Good the firstComplete your first Division Rivals qualifier match in FIFA Ultimate Team.
  • It’s only the beginningComplete all Division Rivals qualification matches in FIFA Ultimate Team.
  • Remember this name: Reach level 3 or higher in Division Rivals in FIFA Ultimate Team.
  • Sample: Win a cup final.
  • Only one will remain: Win a match in Survival mode.
  • I’m in charge here: Win a “No Rules” game.
  • Loyal fan: Play a Kick-Off match with your supported team.
  • Careful choices: Unlock all the features of a skill branch.
  • Beginner: Complete and win your first league match in Pro Club Seasons.
  • Improve skills: Spend one skill point in Pro Club mode.
  • Aim high: Qualify for the round of 16 of the UEFA Champions League.
  • A step towards success: Win a UEFA Champions League group stage match.
  • Take the field: Play a women’s soccer match.
  • Class is not water: Score a goal with an elegant finish in a women’s soccer match.

The FIFA 19 Silver Trophies

  • World triumph: Win the FIFA Women’s World Cup ™ in The Journey mode.
  • Skill test freak: Complete all multiplayer skill tests.
  • Perfectionist: Win on penalties without missing a single one.
  • You can’t beat me: Win a match using any defense style.
  • Tactician: Win a match using any attack style.
  • Skill Trial Champion: Complete all skill checks in the HUB.
  • Show who you are: Get your first Champions Weekend League qualification in FIFA Ultimate Team.
  • First page: Win the UEFA Europa League final.

The FIFA 19 Gold Trophies

  • On the roof of Europe: Win the UEFA Champions League in The Journey mode.
  • Skill Trial Legend: Get an A rating on all skill tests.
  • Climb the leaderboard– Reach Division 4 in Division Rivals in FIFA Ultimate Team.
  • The Champions: Win the UEFA Champions League final.

PLATINUMThe number 1: Unlock all other trophies (excluding additional content trophies).

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