In Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age for the first time, the Western public will be faced with the “Class” system of Licenses. While in the original version it was possible to arrange the license grid in complete freedom, with the Zodiac system it will be possible to specialize members in several specific roles with unique grids. This allows for a more dynamic party, a cleaner license table and finally allows for more immediate access to several very useful bonuses.

On the Japanese PlayStation 2 version it was possible to select only one of these classes per character, while it is now possible to have a main “job” and a “secondary” one. This allows you to create combinations that can enhance certain mechanics or cover structural weaknesses of some classes. Given what has been written so far, how can we optimize our party?

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During the game we will have 6 characters and 12 classes available. This means that we will be able to have access to all the jobs without any effort, although the second class is unlocked later in the plot. The trick is to keep the cornerstones of role construction, which is almost always valid in the various RPGs of this mold. Our party, which can be composed of three people at a time plus an occasional guest, must necessarily contain at least the following “roles”: 1 Tank (character used to have a lot of life and a lot of defense), 1 DPS (character able to do exorbitant damage) and 1 Healer (character dedicated to healing and support spells).

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In Final Fantasy XII each character has their own base stats which make it more suitable for a type of approach. Vaan is able to fill any role as he has the most balanced characteristics of all. Balthier and Basch are suitable characters for frontline roles due to their physical prowess and success rate for combos. Penelo and Ashe are fragile but hugely versed in magic, so we recommend that you give one of them the task of becoming a White Wizard right now. Finally, Fran is balanced like Vaan but with lower stats, so here too she must be used as a magical member, or as a support, or used from distance.

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With the above in mind, the combinations are many and everything is based on your style of play, on your choices of composition and even on personal tastes. However, we want to recommend some combinations that could be useful and suitable for filling the roles listed above.

  • Knight and Samurai: This is what would be perfect as a tank, as the Knight has licenses that allow him to possess high defensive abilities, medium-sized healing abilities, and access to various physical enhancements. By pairing it with the Samurai, not only will we tremendously increase the damage it can cause thanks to the use of Katanas, but we will provide it with several passives for tail acceleration and access to some essential end game gear.
  • White Wizard and Time-Space Wizard: Healer par excellence, this combination negates any offensive side to devote himself totally to the care of his companions, while also providing him with high support thanks to the many buff / debuff abilities of the Time Space Wizard. In addition to its usefulness, it is also the ultimate weapon against the undead given the access to spells like Sancta. The downside is that such a class can quickly consume MP if you’re not careful, so you could replace TimeSpace Wizard with Expert Launcher to create a more balanced hybrid with far fewer buffs available. With this latter approach, the Time Space Wizard will have to be relegated to another member.
  • Hunter and Destroyer: The Hunter is essential for any party thanks to his passives / techniques very useful for combat. Due to its centrality, it is advisable to entrust this role to Vaan. The Hunter can be paired with many classes, but one of the optimal combinations is with the Destroyer, capable of providing him with additional means to unleash an enormous amount of damage. Furthermore, this pairing has a good number of HP boosts, making the user a less fragile DPS-user than they should be.
  • Archer and monk: Always staying on the DPS, this combination seems to have been born for Balthier. Excellent both from distance and in close combat, the duo is capable of transforming the user into a damage machine with excellent techniques to decrease enemy statistics.
  • Dark Magician and Aviopirata: A particular combo that greatly favors the approach to distance. Black magic allows you to be the most powerful magic damage dealer on the square and the Aviopirata provides goodies for situations where MP is scarce, as well as great buffs to increase the speed of the cast.
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The last piece of advice we give you is to choose well what you want to assign to each character, as the choices cannot be changed except by starting over. Also try to aim to initially unlock the first apotheosis node, very useful against boss battles. Finally, do not hesitate to farm an area to get additional license points, it will be very easy thanks to the Gambit and the 400% speed.


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