After crashing below Nalbina Prison, Vaan and company find themselves in the Barheim Galleries. The old Basch joined the team, which will not be armed in the early stages of this area. We immediately notice that we are in a narrow area connected by several tunnels. Nothing too big, but we will certainly have to walk a long way to get to the exit!

We will meet, to our surprise, a lost object seller who will provide us with a fuse to activate the current in the tunnels. Before you go to press the button, make sure you buy the necessary from the trader. The latter sells various weapons / armor and accessories that enhance the starting equipment of our party. Try to get enough supplies and then turn on the power. You will notice that on the right you will have the available energy level. Your task is to avoid at all costs that it falls to zero and to do so you will have to hurry to attack the Batterimimik that feed near the exposed wires in the various areas.

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Proceeding in the various areas, be thorough in looking for the various chests scattered around the galleries. In them I hide pretty good pieces of equipment, including the War Bridle: an accessory that allows you to respond with “Attack” to enemy attacks. In the first areas you will find simple enemies that will not be a great threat, allowing you to always keep your energy at an acceptable level. This task is quite simple due to the fact that the Batterimimik will give you back some energy when defeated.

By continuing you will arrive in one particular area where there will be jellies and piros. The former can be easily defeated using fire attacks (if you have a Black Mage in your team it will be very easy to knock them down) while the latter could be fatal if you don’t hurry to finish them. It is useful to buy Tritamago and entrust it to Vaan to avoid nasty surprises.

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In this particular area you will find a button to press, the latter will consume 30% of energy and will open the gate that will lead you to the next area, where you will find a crystal saver and some dead soldiers useful to deliver equipment to Basch.

In the last area, before the Boss, you will find other Mimiks ready to attack you. To the south of it, there is a small platform teeming with toads that apparently cannot be reached, according to the indications of the mini-map. Ignore what it shows you and go there anyway to find that you can actually walk through it. Loot the loot and get ready for the Boss Fight saving to the appropriate crystal.

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The Mimik Queen is a rather simple enemy to deal with. As soon as you enter the arena you will notice that the cute little mommy has generated little mimiks that are gnawing on the energy. Your task will be to take them down as soon as possible every time they are present in the area. Once the initial ones are destroyed, he will occasionally release one from his womb, at which point the best strategy is to entrust their elimination to a member who uses ranged attacks. For the rest of the fight, focus on doing as much damage as possible while avoiding the electrical attacks. When he starts to get pretty weak, he’ll use some AoE attacks that can hurt if you’re low on health. Therefore, try to always stay above 50% of HP by taking advantage of the appropriate gambits.

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Once you beat the boss you will exit the tunnels with no more chance to re-enter (for now), so make sure you have everything. You will find yourself in the East Dalmasca Desert, a stone’s throw from Rabanastre. Finally, you can go home!

Other than the Bridle mentioned earlier, there are no noteworthy items other than a lot of Guil in the first play area. The recommended level for this dungeon is around 7.


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