Codemasters has released today the F1 2018 first full gameplay trailerthe official video game of the 2018 Formula 1 World Championship. It shows the incredible depth and feature cast of the new installment of this year.

Featuring the deepest Career mode ever seen in the franchise, 20 classic vehicles from the history of the sport, and stunning visuals, F1 2018 takes the saga to the next level.

The most ambitious game to date

This is how its Director Lee Mather describes it:

“This is the most complete F1 experience ever created by Codemasters. The Career mode is the nerve center of the game and it has been considerably expanded with the addition of interviews under pressure that will directly affect your sports career. There’s also a lot more flexibility for the player, including the ability to select your own opponent and negotiate team moves throughout the season. Career mode also expands the options for player research and development, each F1 team now has its own tech tree with its different strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, competition in F1 2018 will feature major rule changes between seasons during the Race for the first time.”

“The handling of the game has also been revamped using real data from the world of F1 to give us the new chassis and suspension physics, as well as the inclusion of the ERS system managed by the player. All this means that the vehicles offer a great driving sensation and users can appreciate the difference between modern vehicles and the 20 classic ones included in the game. There is a big contrast between the low downforce and low grip on the cars from the 1970s and the cars from 2018.”

The most realistic graphics

In addition to improvements to Career mode, classic vehicles, and simulation, this title has seen a significant graphic improvement with the addition of new visual elements. This includes ambient fog, heat haze, mirage effects, engine heat haze, and track dirt that bring the game even closer to reality.

In the online game the new Super License System of the game is designed to minimize the effects of poor driving in multiplayer racing. Users are rated on their skill level and piloting style, then matched into matches of users with similar proficiency and piloting style.

F1 2018 features all the official teams, drivers and all 21 circuits from the exciting 2018 season. It will be available on August 24 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. You can now read our impressions of the game.

The early booking campaign is already underway of the game, in the chain stores attached to the promotion, which includes an exclusive metal box, while stocks last, as well as the iconic 2009 Brawn BGP-001 and the 2003 Williams FW25, included as downloadable content in F1 2018 Headline Edition.

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