One of the most anticipated Xiaomi phones for the next coexistence has been passed for the first time. Unfortunately we are not talking about official information, but about a render that is being executed by China and that has had good popularity. Someone – we don’t know who – has created a render of what the Xiaomi Mi 12. The device has several interesting details, although the design is not to die for: it is based almost entirely on the contemporary Xiaomi Mi 11.

First look at the Xiaomi Mi 12: camera under the screen

Xiaomi has been around for a few years changeable design in its viso adhesion every season. The outside of the devices has little progress gain, but the back tends to change a lot thanks to modules and colors. This render tells us that innovation would slow down with the next viso accession.

No one can confirm that this render was supported by the live device, that’s why we recommend that you take the information with a pair of tweezers. What can be seen is a rear part very similar to that of the Mi 11 with some novelty in the number and size of the sensors. The camera module is a bit different and little else.

The true fate of the render lies on the front. This device would launch one of the most anticipated technologies of the year: the camera under the screen or invisible camera. This is little that the Samsung Galaxy S22 has already ruled out, so Xiaomi could be one step ahead of Samsung in the next co-existence. At least in terms of the number of new technologies.

What are the chances that the Xiaomi Mi 12 will be like this?

Probably few. This render has been created by a legatee from Internet X and probably has no live information about the device. It is very interesting to see that the creators of this type of rendering opt for a exterior with camera under the screen.

If there is little about this render that we can see on the live device, it may be this feature. There are still many months for Xiaomi to present the Xiaomi Mi 12So this novelty is more of a curiosity than something tangible that you can take into account for the circulation of the device.



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