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Fix Broken Mobile Screen: Steps to Fix and Fix Screen

Fix Broken Mobile Screen: Steps to Fix and Fix Screen

The first thing to keep in mind when coming up with a form of repair your mobile screen, is that you should not follow the steps of the tricks that do not stop giving the reverse to the Internet. As convincing as they may seem, they are unfair content, and there are many YouTubers who have tried and failed 90% of these tricks.

So if by chance you come across a video in which they tell you that with a little toothpaste you can repair the screen of your mobile, don’t risk it. More than lack because it is most likely that you will end up breaking it and you will definitely be left without your terminal. Therefore, We are going to explain what you should do if you find yourself in this situation, since there are a couple of steps to follow before admitting your mobile to repair. Because yes, that is the only authentic and reliable option you have.

What to do before repairing your mobile screen

now you can be very careful and have the best coverage, It is worth making a mistake that your phone falls on the ground or hits little that leaves its screen damaged. But without a doubt, the oldest heart attack is the one we suffer when it falls face down to the ground, and little by little we lift it up praying to all the gods that we know has not been lacking.

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But it doesn’t always work, and we find ourselves with a real luck, or a not very important breakage that allows you to continue using your terminal. But this can get worse, so to repair your mobile screen you will have to go to a repair company in good condition. But as we said, before taking it for repair there are several steps that you must follow, and we will explain them to you below.

The first thing you should do before repairing the screen of your mobile

If you’re lucky your phone is still working, Before you allow the screen to be repaired, there is little you will need to do. We want to ensure that you must protect your data so that the person who is going to repair your device cannot access your privacy. And for this you will have to copy the data and then delete it from your terminal.

TO copy your mobile phone data, the best thing you can do is back up your entire device. As for the applications you have downloaded, each of them has its own backup system, so you will have to go into each one and make sure to activate it if it does not. This is more important in transport applications, such as Telegram, WhatsApp and their alternatives. Of course, don’t forget to save all your contacts.

If, on the other hand, the screen of your mobile has stopped working due to the breakage, don’t worry, all is not lost.. You will need to connect it to your PC to have access to all your data. If you have an Android terminal, you will be able to access photos and others. In the case of having an iOS device, everything is acceptably synchronized, so you will not have any problems. And if you also have root, you can use third-party applications, such as Migrate and Titanium Backup, although this is little that you should have installed in advance.

The next step to follow: reset

There is a reason why we have instructed you to make a backup of everything you have before going to repair the screen of your mobile, and that is that you are going to have to reset it. Again, if you’re lucky that despite the cracked screen it still works, We leave you the steps to follow to reset the industry settingswhich has been deleting everything to make it look like it just came out of the box.

If your terminal is Android, you must go to the settings and from there enter the system section. Once here, display the advanced options to be able to enter Recovery Options. Here you will see the option that says Return to Industry Status. In the event that a manufacturer’s customization layer does not show you this option here, you can use the search engine to find it.

In case you have an iPhone, go to the settings and go to the Military section. Here, near the bottom of the options, you’ll see Reset, and you can designate whether you want to erase all content and settings so it stays as it just came out of the box.

If unfortunately the screen of your mobile does not work, having an Android mobile you will have to do a hard reset. Turn the phone off and on by pressing the power button and the phone button at the same time. In this way you will enter the internal options of Android, and from there you will configure the options that you must designate through the finish and prominence messenger, which in this case is Wipe data and cache.

Again, in the case of having an iPhone whose screen is not working, the procedure will depend on the active system. With macOS Catalina and later you can manage on your mobile from the Finder. Although in previous versions and in Windows you will have to download iTunes. From this point you will be able to designate your iPhone and in the options that will appear you will see the Restore iPhone bud, so you will not need to touch your terminal.

Where to admit your mobile to repair

The safest way to repair your mobile screen is by taking it or sending it to a professional technical service. There they have repairers specialized in the brand of your terminal, so good results are guaranteed. The problem with their service is that it usually has a fairly high price compared to others, but of course, the parts will be original.

You also have at your disposal the unofficial repair shopsIt is very popular to find at least one of these that specializes in phone repair, and as a general rule their prices are much cheaper. Despite this, depending on whether original or good quality parts are used, a better or worse result of the repair will be achieved. And going to a district store is not the same as going to BeMovil or The Phone House.

Our best recommendation is that in case your device is new and expensive, go to the official repair shop. And it is that if you have made a good investment in your device, it is likely that you prefer to ensure that your repair is reliable. If your terminal is a few years old and you don’t care if its result is the best, you can appear at a third-party store and avoid much more.

In the event that your terminal has insurance, you can take advantage of it to repair the mobile screen for free. Finally and if you dare because you are an expert person, there are pages like iFixit where they explain how you can do it, in addition to the material you will need. But if you look closely, the cost is dean, so it is better to take it to a professional site for repair.