Through Leaksfy, we learn of an alleged collaboration between Synaptics and Xiaomi for the realization of the Force Touch technology on the next Xiaomi Mi 5.

The Force Touch technology, now in vogue since the announcement of the iPhone 6s, is a particular technology capable of recognizing the strength of the user’s touch by pressing a certain option or application so as to take you to other features without having to open the application to which you want to refer.

We have seen the technology described for the first time on Apple devices but it is also having repercussions on other manufacturers including Huawei with its Mate S or ZTE with its Axon Phone. Beyond these two devices, through a well-known source, we have seen an indiscretion according to which the next Xiaomi Mi 5 should also be equipped with Force Touch technology.

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The rumor is fueled by an apparent one collaboration between the well-known company Synaptics and the Chinese house Xiaomi for the provision of the new technology in the next top of the range of the house. The two companies would have already worked together regarding the production of the Xiaomi Mi 4i, so a new collaboration would not be excluded.

Synaptics is also working with other brands including Samsung for the realization of the Force Touch, so stay tuned for more news and confirmations about it.



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