Who liked The Last of Us dreams, waits and waits for a sequel to an unforgettable game full of fans. Because a former employee of naughty dog showed us that at least a draft of the game’s sequel already exists, check it out.

the continuation of The Last of Us it probably started as soon as the game was released in 2013, even with the remastered version coming out this year and the naughty dog focusing their efforts on Uncharted 4.

Consistent proof of this assertion comes from the profile of the Linkedin in Michael Knowland, employee of Avalanche who is currently working on just cause 3, but who was an employee of the naughty dog and according to his history on the social network, he worked there until April this year in The Last of Us 2, responsible for a month in creating prototypes for heads.

Of course, large game developments take a good many years to be taken off the paper and reach development and then reach the real and virtual shelves. But the simple fact of this registration in the profile of knowland confirms something every fan of the game would like to know: at least the naughty dog is thinking of developing the continuation of his blockbuster.

And then you and everyone who enjoys the game starts to wonder: will it be in the E3 2015 (or any other schedule for next year) will we have any revelations about this game? For the time being, what remains for us is to wait and speculate. Comment there what you think about this.

Via (Eurogamer)


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