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Four new characters and stage announced for Dead or Alive 6

Four new characters and stage announced for Dead or Alive 6

After confirming its release date, dead or alive 6 brings us new news regarding its cast of fighters and where they will fight.

Koei Tecmo Europe has taken advantage of the Tokyo Game Show 2018 that is being held these days in Japan to reveal four new characters and a stage for the game.

The tournament gets interesting

The first fighter on this list is Ayane, and returns with his fierce Mugen Tenshin Hajinmon style of Ninjutsu. The so-called “Assassin Kunoichi” has polished his shifting movements to the point that his opponents can hardly anticipate his attacks.

Forced to live in the shadows, Ayane tries to fight through her conflicted feelings towards her half-sister Kasumi, all the while trying to rise to the top of the tournament.

Second we have Mary Rose, the Swedish martial artist known as “Lil’s Evil Maid”. Her style is Russian-style military, which emphasizes the constant fluidity of movements.

This allows him to use his small frame to his advantage, outmaneuvering enemies with a variety of intricate moves while also turning the opponent’s attacks back on him.

We continue with Honoka, a fan of professional wrestling and martial arts movies who has invented her own fighting style called Honoka Fu. With it she combines the favorite moves of fighters of hers that she has observed.

It is when he is in his Hissatsu-no-Kamae stance that he possesses incredible Strength, making him capable of unseen attacks while his right hand emits a mysterious glow.

Finally we know the return of Bayman, the former professional assassin. His nickname is “The Man Who Defeated Death” and he flaunts it in the ring, where he carries himself with the same kind of cool professionalism that made him a successful mercenary with his very dangerous Sambo fighting skills. .

A jungle to semi build with many dangers

Finally we know the new stage that will debut at TGS 2018. Its name is “Lost Paradise” and offers us a magnificent jungle that mixes with the remains of man-made constructionswith some surprising secrets around the corners.

One of its secrets are the extra large eggs, with which we can collide and will alert a mother giant pteranodon which will swoop down to attack.

But it is not the only danger that it hides, since the fence that separates the fighters from the jungle is electrified. If you fall inside, a tyrannosaurus wanting to tear everything that comes within its reach.

Dead or Alive 6 will be available on February 15, 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Don’t miss out on its reservation bonuses and its Digital Deluxe edition.