Seventeen years ago when I was young and stupid Grim Fandango seemed to be a great and a bit too abstract adventure gamewhich, in addition, I understood little. So only now have I fully appreciated the story of love, colored with detective stories, and its broad inspirations. Because the whole thing, despite the passage of time, remained a great adventure game. And so what if it was barely refreshed properly.

Grim Fandango is proof that the problems in the industry are returning like a boomerang. A long time ago, the title of the now defunct LucasArts game was delighted by reviewers praising the gameplay and design. The players were not convinced by this, it was also not helped by the fact that it was the twilight of the golden age of adventure games and the genre was giving way to action games. Grim Fandango fell in the commercial plot. A remaster of this state of affairs is unlikely to change this state of affairs, it can only make one of the iconic works of Tim Schafer more people love. What’s so original about the vibe? We play the role of Manny Calavery – an agent of the Department of Death living in the land of the dead. Its task is to take the dead from the earthly tears and sell them … travel packages. If the delinquent was an angel helping those in need during his lifetime, he can count on the top top – a ticket for the mythical train Number Nine. Then the road to eternal rest will take 4 minutes instead of 4 years. Because this is how much must be repented by those who are not famous for their good deeds, and thus – condemned to cover the last way on foot. Many die or give up, permanently staying in the land of the dead, in which our hero does not intend to stay. However, Manny is not a good salesman, and only good results will allow him to break free from his bony “body”. However, things get serious when a peasant steals his rival’s ideal client and sends her on a journey by mistake instead of giving a train ticket. Calavera is fired from work with a bang, but the meaning of his existence is finding a mysterious woman.

Schafer took the four-year journey of the soul from the beliefs of the Aztecs. Most of the characters in the game are skeletons resembling Mexican calaca figures, by the way, Manny and other heroes keep throwing Spanish-language interjections into their dialogues. The style of buildings in Grim Fandango is mainly Art Deco, the game also draws handfuls from cinema noir, that is classics such as “Maltese Falcon” and “Casablanca”. So we have several characters inspired by the latter film, and also bony femme fatale, black and shady characters, often smoking cigarettes repeatedly, as the heroes in the cinema of the same genre did. All this combined together gives a unique atmosphere. He didn’t get old, and the gameplay didn’t get old either. Grim Fandango is a classic adventure game, i.e. without thinking, associating facts, perceptiveness, the ability to use objects not always in accordance with their intended use and carefully listen to dialogues, from which you can catch scraps of information necessary later, or move. Anyway, and then it will not do without the classic jams, which years ago kept me awake at night because game tips were not as widely available then as today. I didn’t finish it myself then. The game sometimes requires thinking a bit beyond common sense, sometimes – in line with logic. Because when a bee, representing the oppressed working class, wants to stir up a rebellion, but is unable to kidnap its brothers with a fiery speech, it should be given a book with revolutionary slogans, and when we see that after adding a certain specificity to drinks, guests in the premises fall, then the same specific should be used if we want a seaman to sleep. Of course, we will be faced with a galaxy of twisted characters, on which the orange demon Glottis – our faithful companion, who can tear himself … his heart out of his chest and is a mechanic addicted to g******g – comes to the fore. Not only is it fun with him, because the whole story is full of brilliant dialogues and successful gags, just like every production from LucasArts in those years. An atmospheric, sometimes very jazzy note can also do it.

Schafer’s new company, Double Fine, made no effort to renew Manny’s adventures. The backgrounds remained the same as the cutscenes, only the characters were buried – the pixelated “facial features” were smoothed out, and better lighting was added. As a result, the heroes sometimes stand out clearly in sedate locations, as well as some important objects that are easier to track. The original Grim Fandango used a keyboard, not like other mouse adventures, so the controls fit the rain perfectly. On the other hand, PS Vita owners (when buying the game we get a portable and stationary version, and the ability to save the game state in the cloud makes it easier to “jump” from one to another) can play by touch. When we tap the screen, the character moves in that direction, and if we come across an item, a menu will appear with options such as watch, pick up, talk, etc. The last addition is a comment from the creators – a perfect case for fans, so I am right after the first, “normal” game completion, I took it for the second time by turning on this option.

Grim Fandango Remastered doesn’t have any hint system popular in new era adventure games like the fifth Broken Sword. And this is probably the best evidence of who the position is mainly addressed to. To those who remember it with sentiment and to veterans of adventure games. The old ones, hostile to the player and absurdly difficult at times. A novice, of course, can also get bitten by the bug, but – at least at first – it can be rough, which should be kept in mind. If you decide to head on your own, you can shoot up to 10 hours with a light hand in the company of a bony Calavera. I have a lot of puzzles like a fog, but I remembered from the original, and most of all, recalling these memories meant that at the bottom there is a certain assessment.


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