Some time ago I wrote an article about how cautious we should be when evaluating a title in a reductionist way, only by the notes it receives, without paying attention to the text of the analysis or the genre of the game in question, if it has a fan component service, if we like the saga to which it belongs, etc.

It was a form of criticism towards ourselves, the reviewers, since the most professional you can be when evaluating a game is the hours of vice behind it, like any fan. Come on, there is still no university for gamers. Then there is the issue of how one writes, of course, but that has nothing to do with the scores. In short, it was a way of saying: first of all trust yourself, your tastes and your experience.

I decided to write that opinion article for The Order: 1886, a game that I ended up trying and found terribly and unfairly mistreated by critics. A good title for sure.

Now something similar happens to me, but not with the notes that we reviewers put, but with something much worse friends: the virtual social tide. I’m going to try to explain myself so you don’t take me for crazy. This time my inspiration to write this article has come from another game, the controversial Mass Effect: Andromeda. Gentlemen… what joy for God!

We recently learned that BioWare is under strong pressure from EA for the release of Anthem, precisely because of the poor results of Mass Effect: Andromeda. This news, as I played this wonder, made me feel deep indignation, the kind that comes from contemplating the most flagrant injustices.

What happened to this Mass Effect: Andromeda? I imagine you already know: the controversy of some facial expressions and those unrealistic eyes, really. Well, that and the video of some genius comparing the graphics of the first game with the latter, without taking into account that Andromeda is a huge open world title, ten times bigger than the previous ones, and yet it still knows how to maintain a superb plot line. and make us feel that every mission counts.

This game was not condemned by the reviewers or the professional critics -which, in part, too, there are some embarrassing analyzes out there-, but above all by a legion of fanboys and haters of all kinds and conditions who, like human repeaters, became echo of everything that entered through their pupils without subjecting it to the slightest reflection or criteria. An evil that is very much of our time, which can be extrapolated to many other areas.

The result was a despicable and ruthless lynching of a huge title. Because, although I’m not going to do an analysis of Mass Effect: Andromeda now (that’s what my colleague David did), it really is a bigger game than the previous three together, with a great plot, some memorable interactions with the characters and in general a setting to take off the hat.

And there you have people, seeing a few scenes that, admittedly, the guys at BioWare didn’t have much sense for, which they patched up nonetheless. Some scenes, he said, that were a bit creaky, but was that the game? Of course not man. This title has been judged by a bunch of freaks who thought they were Shepard or who knows, because if not, I don’t understand it.

This is the world of the internet gentlemen. You go to see the ratings of the fans and they all tend to 10 or 0, basically if they are from their beloved console or from the hated competition, and in both cases surely without having tried the game in turn. It is normal that later nobody takes user reviews into account…

Then there is the disturbing case of people who in a forum say: “the usual people are already spouting bile, blah, blah, blah”. So you look at the previous posts and no one has said that! They are preventive, prefabricated messages! Or those who don’t know how to debate and insult at the slightest, of course, the thief believes that everyone is of his condition.

Someday I might be encouraged to write about my experience on the old Hobby Consoles forums, when the PlayStation 2 crushed all the competition. My goodness, what times… and what haters! By the way, as a curiosity I will tell you that, at least in that forum (and it was one of the first in Spain), I started using the word “sonyers” without having seen it anywhere before, and since then I started reading it every again. Would I coin it? Hahaha!

Coming back to the subject, while giving Mass Effect: Andromeda, a game I recommend with my eyes closed, I told myself that I’m going to trust my own judgment more not only with regard to reviews, but also with regard to **** that circulate through the network.

The media, by the way, are partly to blame, by writing the news with flashy headlines that invite controversy and the so-called click bait. At Sonyers we don’t usually do it, but it is clear that in the 21st century, in the world of information, many people don’t go beyond reading the aforementioned headlines to make a whole movie, sometimes completely unrelated to reality.

Nowadays, as they take it with a game, there you will have a legion of rat kids talking about what they don’t know and repeating what they have heard, hey, and by the way whoever has to fall falls! This is not surprising in a society where “viral” is not a pejorative term, as indeed it should be. Just as there are games that are nonsense, it is very unfair to throw away a great job because a video comes out with four counted scenes and it becomes, well, that… viral.

It also happens with the user scores to the comments on the forums, you know, the typical little hands of “I like” or “I don’t like it”. Give your opinion independently, propose ideas, challenge the established and you will be showered with dozens of negative evaluations from the zombies that populate those places, whose maximum aspiration is to sleep peacefully knowing that within the four mental walls where they have been confined everything is in order. This, by the way, happens in general with many people, but hey, we are not going to get too deep in an article about video games.

Anyway, gentlemen, tonight I’ll be the pioneer Ryder again, since I already have 50 hours and going up, and I’m so happy, listen. An EA single-player game with no microtransactions, no DLC, and no stories, and there it is, defenestrated… and then we complain.


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