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Gaming Mouse G500

A new standard for gaming

Gaming on PC is still not declining in popularity, although it seems that lately. Although fewer exclusives are released on the platform, those exclusives that do come, albeit mostly MMOs, usually score extremely well and also have the largest communities. Players with a mouse should beat a console player in every way when it comes to shooters and strategy games. Working with the control component of a PC still remains the fastest way of navigating, scrolling and punishing. Logitech caters to demanding gamers who want to enjoy their games to the fullest while also taking advantage of their latest technology.

This technology is included in the company’s latest G500 mouse. The mouse is the big brother of the older G5 mouse, which still costs a lot of money and will be slowly followed up, but also still belongs in the list of best gaming mice at the moment. The G500 goes one step further, bringing some new benefits. We were allowed to test it and what is immediately noticeable is that the mouse resembles the G5 mouse. Although there are different variants of the G5, usually only the design differs, or the top surface, which can be completely flat and smooth, but can also feel rough with the more recent spider web design (black/blue combination). The G500 is colored gray, and feels exactly the same as the G500. Nothing has changed in the already good ergonomics and the material has also remained virtually the same. The sides are a bit rougher, providing more grip on the thumb, and the top surface is nice and smooth and fits well in the hand.

At first glance, the mouse seems functionally the same as its older brother. However, the scroller works a lot better, and for a change also makes no noise. Scrolling is no longer slowed by mechanisms that hold back the round **** while turning, and allows for a smoother scrolling technique. In the beginning this takes some getting used to, and it seems to be oversensitive because the scroller continues to roll by itself with some effort, but you will soon see the benefits of this as soon as you get used to it. The scroll wheel contains two modes, which are suitable for selecting weapons in games, for example, and can scroll accurately and click-by-click. The other mode I already explained at the beginning of the paragraph, and is especially suitable when using the internet or word processing applications.

Minor upgrade of the G5

The mouse also contains ten programmable buttons (not physically, but adjustable via software), and just like the G5 contains two buttons with which the sensitivity of the mouse can be changed to a higher or lower DPI value. This varies from 200 to no less than 5700 DPI. The buttons with which you can determine the 3 positions are not located below the scroller this time, but positioned at the top left of the mouse, although this does not really offer any advantages or disadvantages. It is mainly a change due to the existing scroll wheel button that is now placed under the scroller, so that the DPI buttons had to make room. It’s a pity that only 3 DPI changes are possible, as these are very different from each other, and therefore do not really provide a better balance. The lowest DPI level provides too little sensitivity, and the highest setting creates a flying cursor over your screen that is barely workable for most. However, there is of course always the software with which you can change this in your operating system.

With the new built-in memory, it’s possible to use your mouse anywhere with the settings you’ve crammed into your peripherals. The configuration therefore always remains the same, so that you can also insert the mouse into another desktop PC or laptop and use it directly without changing all kinds of settings. See it as a profile that you give to the mouse. There are also the added weights, which make it possible to make the mouse lighter or heavier. In total you can put six weights in the cartridge, varying from 1.7 to 4.5 grams per weight. In the G5 this number was still 8, but given the additional chipset in the G500, the weight largely compensates for that of the G5, which is slightly lighter than the successor without a cartridge.

In terms of design, as I mentioned earlier, little has changed. The layout of some shortcut buttons has changed a bit, but that doesn’t make the overall design more varied. The gray design that fades upwards to black looks professional, but still has something childish about the bubbly, chaotic spots that appear drawn in it. The black combines well with the gray and the red-colored sensitivity meter also fits well with the equipment. It is unclear to me what the inlet under the scroller is for. Before using the scroller I assumed that the switch under the scroller could be pulled down via the slot, but this apparently just turned out to be a design story that remains unclear to me.

The G500 is another new gem from Logitech, but it is actually not really an added value compared to the previously released G5 mouse. The additions, including the chipset on which you can save profiles, and the improved scroller are not decisive factors that will convince you to switch to this new mouse. However, if you don’t own a G5 mouse yet, and you are thinking about purchasing a good, I say excellent mouse for gaming, then the G500 is the perfect option both in terms of design and technology. If you already own a mouse from a generation before, then I would pass this one by and not worry too much about the minor additions of this version.

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Author: Jeroen Janssen | Genre: Hardware | Release: 25-11-2009 | Publisher: Logitech | Developer: LogitechGraphics: † Sound: † Gameplay: † Controls: † Playback: 8.0+ Beautiful design+ Performance is perfect again+ Scroller + internal memory- Little added value compared to. G5 mouse- More DPI levels would be welcome-