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Gear Jack Black Hole available in the Google Play Store

Gear Jack Black Hole available in the Google Play Store

The sequel of Gear Jack, produced and developed by Crescent Moon, arrives in the Google Play Store: that is Gear Jack Black Holea runner game that will entertain you.

As already mentioned before, the aforementioned game is a runner game with a single purpose: to collect as many gears as possible; and compared to the sequel, this game has been given a new graphics and new game mechanics that make it better than its predecessor. Furthermore, this title has several features, such as:

In short, Crescent Moon did a great job on many aspects, but we had no doubts as, again the software house, has produced several titles: Shadow Blade, Neon Shadow, Gear Jack, Paper Monsters, Ravensword: Shadowlands 3D, Slingshot Racing And Blocky Roads.

Also, we leave you with a little Crescent Moon quote about this title:

Gear Jack is back in an all new endless adventure with beautifully stylized graphics! Jack is trapped inside the Black Hole, and he’s running to save his life di lui. He will travel through time and space to take on lethal alien enemies, crazy traps, and more! To make things worse, his ship di lui, the W. Hale was absorbed by the Black Hole too. Now, all kinds of mechanical traps are floating around in the Black Hole! – Crescent Moon Games

Naturally, the aforementioned title is present in the Google Play Store, for free but with the free-to-play formula and it will be possible to download it through the badge below. We await possible updates regarding this.