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GeForce Now: analysis and opinions after use

GeForce Now: analysis and opinions after use

A posteriori try GeForce Now and enjoy Cyberpunk 2077 Ray Tracingone of the trending PC games, I can continue commenting on the great interest that a platform that is dedicated to the transmission of games can produce, and that you have linked from the most popular game accounts such as Steam, Epic Games or GOG.

If this extreme year has erupted with great force, in addition to the experience it offers, it must be stated that the reason is timely to the contemporary blunder of NVIDIA 3000 series graphics cards; yes, the same ones that allow you to enjoy that Ray Tracing or Ray Tracing. That is to say, it is almost unbelievable to get one that allows you to challenge games like Cyberpunk 2077 to the fullest. Go for it.

How GeForce NOW works

GeForce NOW is a game streaming platform on linde. That is to say, it broadcasts games through the application that we can install both on our PC, on our Android mobile or even through the Chrome browser. When we say retransmission, it is that it retransmits content such as Netflix, HBO or other types of platforms as fashionable as Disney + itself would do.

In other words, what we are positively going to do You need a good screen to enjoy the quality of the graphics. and little that is very necessary and dynamic so that the emanation is of the highest possible quality (in fact, if the connection worsens, its quality can be cut or reduced), is that we have a fiber optic type connection.

Apart from that, another of the best excuses is the be able to enjoy games with Ray Tracing or Ray Tracing as with Cyberpunk 2077 from CD Project. We attach some images so you can see the great graphic quality that is generated in situ:

If we have such a connection, though you can even shoot with ADSL, we can maximize the quality of the group’s graphics that we would need a good PC to be able to produce such graphics. That is why right now GeForce NOW, like Stadia, is on everyone’s lips because of the reduction that it entails.

And another important aspect, GeForce NOW itself does not have a game libraryIn your reason, you must link your Epic Games, GOG, or Steam accounts to “stream” the games you have purchased or those that are free. But we will touch on this topic in depth below.

GeForce NOW Free and Subscription Subscription

Logically it has a cost, although it must be affirmed on its behalf that offers a free subscription, although it only allows you to use the platform for 1 hour per day; Perhaps for those who play little during the day it is admissible, but like the weekend you want to have a good session.

Like GeForce NOW depends on the enchanted side aptIt is important that if we consider using this platform, we discard the subscription subscription that will allow us to have a gap or hole in those group broadcasts.

Until now there were monthly Founders subscriptions (the paid one), but the novelty of GeForce NOW is that for €27.45 we will have the platform for 6 months; We don’t really know why, but it sure is a perfect amount to be able to enjoy all the games gracefully on those platforms and the ones we have (and that are compatible with GeForce NOW, as registration is increasing).

We are going to summarize the differences between the two subscription modes to make very clear the importance of the transmission attack:

If we say that the attack is that of the free subscription you will put in the *** to be able to participate or broadcast matches. Which will change if we go to the founders subscription to go directly to the group in the nimbo if the group had this option.

So I said, if you plan to enjoy GeForce NOW after trying it, the €27.45 goes a long wayexactly 6 months.

What games can I challenge on GeForce NOW?

Now, after explaining how this nimbo gaming platform works, you must comment that the game registry is expanding with new titles every month. We say this because you may not find all the games you have purchased on Steam.

If it is true that things are improving and now we went from more than 1,000 titles counting the free onessuch as League of Legends, Fortnite or DOTA 2 among many others, and subscription games with substance games like Cyberpunk 2077 or the incredible Factorio simulator present only on Steam.

That said, there is Significant deficiencies in the registration of games such as those of Rockstar Games And surely many would like to be able to enjoy Ray Tracing or Ray Tracing activated to be able to play titles like Red Dead Redemption Online or GTA V.

Here we are present now in the midst of a fight for this market share between Geforce NOW and Google’s Stadia; It is precisely at this end that Rockstar Games games are present, so you know.

no lock, the game log is huge and you have it fit for you to have all the links to Geforce NOW free and subscription games (yes, there are many).

And of course we can miss games like Minecraft, those of Blizzard like Diablo or the Starcraft, or the same ones from Tencent Games like PUBG Mobile like a great moba that you surely know. Of course, not all of them are there, but they will have to be given time to expand the registry and become an even better group platform.

The best free GeForce NOW games

There is no lack of games of substance like Fortnite, the great Path of Exile (a la Blizzard Diablo), SMITE, Team Fortress 2, Dota 2 and its MOBA, Brawlhalla, EVE Online or the spectacular group of GWENT cards.

I want to affirm, what is there games and games to challenge and maximize your graphics. Here we have no problem resisting that slider of the graphics to the greatest extent. Of all of them we would recommend a lot, but we are left with those Path of Exile, the same EVE Online and its sidereal space or that GWENT that last year left us all stunned with its good manners when designing a group.

You We leave you this record so that you have them at hand and you can download them:

Top Geforce Now Paid Games

If we go to the subscription ones, the registration is huge to be able to enjoy the best games. We have all the Assassin’s Creed, MMORPG like Black Desert, medieval shooter combat games like Blade & Soul, the mentioned Cyberpunk 2077, Cities: Skylines as a great Sim City simulatorthe addictive Factorio, all of Farcry, Immortal Fenyx Rising and many others that we invite you to discover with the link that we share a few paragraphs above.

There is also the fashion group Valheim, and that allows you to become a Viking who has to fend for himself to survive in a hostile world. So let’s not mistake that great record of paid games.

and what was said you must link your accounts to enter the games that supports GeForce NOW, because if not the thing is very difficult.

Some paid games:

All platforms that GeForce NOW is on

It is important to know that another of the greatest virtues of GeForce Now is the number of platforms you are on. We even have it on Android TV, so it’s a matter of getting Chromecast with Google TV to resist the nimbus gaming platform to our television screen, even if it’s not Smart or has Internet.

These are all devices you can install GeForce NOW on:

We have been able try it in Chrome and it’s really scary without any slowdown and with graphics with Ray Tracing enabled. We mention that aspect of graphics because it is currently the most disruptive and one of the reasons why we can motivate ourselves to try GeForce NOW.

The ideal time for GeForce NOW is now

Surely you have written news related to mining with those graphics cards in terms of bitcoins. This infant industry, or whatever we want to call it, is turning entry-level graphics cards into items of opulence.

Just for the fact that for mining swarms are assembled in which these graphics are essential to be able to produce bitcoins. What it’s creating is that the mainstream PC market is damaged because it’s too hard to get one to build a good gaming PC.

And if we add to this the avalanche of gamers all over the planet, and more so in the contemporary moment in which the pigsty and COVID-19 have led us to be confined, everything is very complicated to try to be worth a PC like the saying.

Then Geforce NOW is at the perfect time to offer a group experience excellent with full graphics and without the condition of a large investment. And it is that a good PC for gaming can easily spend €1,000 (always counting on the fact that we get an Intel chip that exceeds €300 and then all the components that go hand in hand, to be able to embroider it with that RTX graphics like the 3000 series.

These are current prices be cards (rendered of course):

With two unique examples, products out of stock and without entry deadlineswe can understand how this year and next, and if NVIDIA can’t imagine more graphics, platforms like GeForce NOW will understand each other better and more and more gamers will switch to them.

What do I need to benefit from GeForce NOW at the most?

If we ignore the fact of buying a gaming PC, we simply have to worry, depending on the device that we use regularly, of two main tools:

With a good screen, whether it’s on a desktop PC (even having hardware from a few years ago), the one in our living room, or the one on the laptop, we’ll have enough equipment to test it.

The best solution? Right now it would be having a TV with HDMI and hooking up a Chromecast with Google TV that we can install GeForce NOW on. This Chromecast costs €69.99 and will allow us to enjoy the full Google NOW experience through the inches that our television has; in addition to enjoying games on the same Chromecast TV.

Paragraph of that, we can pair controllers via bluetooth connection that incorporates the remote control of this Chromecast with Google TV.

Final thoughts on GeForce Now

GeForce NOW surely that a few years ago it was not even importantbut in the contemporary state of the market with a shortage of equipment, and the increasingly better connection to the Internet through fiber optics as it happens in a country, make this platform the ideal one to enjoy the largest of the group.

Let’s say It is the ideal time for it to continue growing and even an occasional competitor to come out that he realizes that if he doesn’t hit his service, it will be too late (it could be Steam itself that could perfectly get into this fight).

This is GeForce NOW, a complete gaming platform and that allows us to save ourselves the operation of a powerful gaming PC to enjoy Ray Tracing and the latest graphic news.