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Ghostwire: Tokyo Press Release – The new game from Tango Gameworks looks amazing

Ghostwire: Tokyo Press Release – The new game from Tango Gameworks looks amazing


Less horror than The Evil Within, but still not ashamed.

I was able to join an online event at the end of January to watch a longer, nearly half-hour gameplay demo of the first hours of Ghostwire: Tokyo and learn a lot about what was theoretically approaching (as it has since been confirmed on March 25). .

In the gameplay, we got to know our protagonist, Akito, one of the few survivors of a cataclysmic supernatural attack, after a mysterious organization, led by demon-masked Hannya, struck Tokyo’s Shibuya quarter with a magical nebula, the mere touch of which literally ripped all the people out there. The streets drowned in chaos are roamed by mystical creatures led by Hannya, dubbed “Visitors,” but the event also lured many other supernatural beings, demons, urban legends out of hiding. Akito is forced to take up the fight with Hannya and his allies after his sister, who is in need of hospital care, was also in the attack area, and the only chance to save her is if Visitors run away and the neighborhood returns to normal. Our hero is also aided by the soul of an experienced demon hunter who provides our hero with tips and advice on how to develop his own mystical abilities, evacuate the souls trapped in haunted Shibuya, and gradually free each area from the control of Visitors.

One of the most striking strengths of Ghostwire based on the presentation will be the presentation itself. By this I don’t mean the graphics themselves, but the precisely modeled Shibuya teeming with supernatural beings: the deserted streets, flashing neon lights, glitch art effects lend the game an incredibly unique and exciting aesthetic that is like mixing J-pop at once, J -atmospheric elements of horror, cyberpunk and creepy pastes. Opponents are a special gift to fans of the style, especially modern urban legends and online horror stories. For example, in the design of the umbrella, faceless, very basic number of “basic” visitors, it was hard not to notice Slender Manre, but also a short preview of Kucsiszake-onna at the end of the demo, or at least an opponent who was clearly modeled on this creature).

In terms of gameplay, what we saw was strongly reminiscent of Arkane Studios ’recent games: given a relatively large playing field that only expands with our character’s gradually opening toolbox and abilities, full of opponents with whom we can either clash in direct confrontation or stealthily spread them out. Some opponents may also require special tactics, such as tearing out their “soul core” that comes to the surface after suffering enough damage. By cruising the streets, we can collect loot, save the souls of the victims in the paper figure carried by Akito, and then escape them through the phone booths scattered throughout the city into a safe zone beyond the fog. We may also encounter various Yokai demons, some of whom are benevolent, such as running a shop and willing to support us by selling various items, but others are specifically hostile, but defeating them can also provide them with special abilities to further expand Akito’s arsenal.

Continuous improvement is key, as some streets and buildings will be completely blocked by the material called Deterioration, and we will need to close the gates they use to lose control of Visitors. During the presented gameplay, we could see a very busy part of the game’s main mission chain (our hero had to destroy the relics in a building squeezed by a magic wall), a soul escape, and one of the game’s very decent side missions.

All in all, I really liked what I saw: if the developers of Tango Gameworks make the most of the concept and the open space, the result can be an incredibly rich, unique and cozy game, with a good chance that another Bethesda series will be born. Until the release of Ghostwire Tokyo in late March, there is not much to wait for, and more and more new details, insights and tastings are expected to be available on official channels, which will be worth watching.