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God Of War, check the leak on a new sequel

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God Of War, check the leak on a new sequel

God Of War III was, so far, the last chapter of this acclaimed saga developed by SCE Studio Santa Monica Studio. There has been much talk of a possible follow-up and now more than ever it is legitimate to do so. Two days ago on the CV of Harry Walton, veteran in 3D animation, what could be the umpteenth “oversight” regarding a game still in production has appeared. The first entry of the CV speaks of a God Of War project, with possible references to a trailer.

Walton’s career in the animation industry began way back in 1968 and saw him participate in the production of many high-budget films: Robocop 1-2-3, Indiana Jones the last crusade, Ghostbusters 2, Batman Returns and Terminator 2. We then find him at work for the gaming industry as supervisor of the animation of Call of Duty II and character animator in The Lord of the Rings Online.

Returning to the present day, the 3D animator claims to have collaborated with Brain Zoo Studios for “The animation of Gorgon and Hydra on the occasion of a special event”, giving us some more information beyond the simple title of the videogame. Specifically, the Brain Zoo Studios is famous for developing trailers for games such as Disney Infinity 3.0, Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series and Gears of War.

Can we venture a collaboration between Walton and Brain Zoo for a cinematic trailer at E3?