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God of War could have been set in Ancient Egypt according to this concept art

God of War could have been set in Ancient Egypt according to this concept art

While Gamescom 2018 hasn’t even started yet (although there’s only one day left!), the Devcom in Cologne. there she has been Cory Barlog, Director of the recent God of War, to talk about making the gamea talk that has left us with interesting details.

The great question of God of War: where to place it

It is not the first time that there has been talk about the other possibilities that there were for God of War, something that is not ruled out for its future either. no good Cory Barlog wants up to 5 more God of War gamessome set in Norse mythology that they have introduced in their new installment, then maybe I would change to Egypt or the Mayans.

and precisely Egypt is one of the most repeated locations. There has also been talk that God of War could have been set in Egypt if not for Assassin’s Creed Origins, and now we have more details on this.

Barlog has reconfirmed that Norse mythology was not the only candidate for the game. In its development, three more options were considered: the Egyptian, Inca or Hindu myths.

After an initial selection, only Egyptian and Norse mythology were left fighting to be chosen, with a 50% chance each. As we can see, both proposals were very serious, although now it may seem strange to imagine Kratos and Atreus in another scenario than the one we have seen.

Finally, it was Barlog himself who voted for the Nordicas we said, with some “help” from AC Origins.

Egypt was a strong candidate

The egyptian location was considered serious enough to create an exploratory concept artsomething that could be seen at the conference and that we leave you with an example below.

In it we can see a sphinx and a masked warrior similar to the soldiers of Anubis in The Mummy or the Ushabti in Warhammer. Atreus is also present and is also dressed for the stage.

Atreus changes and team pressure

We have also had the opportunity to see the evolution of Atreussomething that apparently “scared a lot of people.”

Barlog spoke about the team at Santa Monica had three years of content, but only two to fit it all into one game. There were constant discussions about what to keep and what to remove, and Barlog explained that having good producers is very important in this process.

God of War is now available exclusively for PlayStation 4. You can find out everything about this great game in our review. And after everything seen, would you like a future adventure of Kratos and Atreus in Egypt?

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