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God of War has “significantly exceeded” Sony’s expectations

God of War has “significantly exceeded” Sony’s expectations

During Sony’s financial conference call for investors and analysts, Chief Financial Officer Hiroki Totoki gave some Interesting details about the reception of PlayStation games.

Sony surprised with the reception of the games

To begin with, we have known that the video game business has been the main factor in the significant increase in revenue forecast throughout the company for the entire current fiscal year.

The annual PS4 software sales forecast was revised upwards due to the fact that Sony Santa Monica’s God of War has ‘significantly exceeded expectations’ along with some third-party titles. In addition to this, the games revealed at E3 “are receiving strong feedback.”

First-party hits were identified later in the conference as the main factor in the upward revision to the earnings forecast for the Network and Gaming Services segment. Third-party hits are also a factor. The contribution of third-party games has been much better than Sony expected.

PS Plus loses some subscribers

Totoki also explained the reason behind the slight decline in PS Plus subscribers last quarter. He mentioned that the difference is not very big, but during the previous quarter there were successful multiplayer games released that caused subscriptions to increase, and then the numbers stabilized naturally.

That said, there will be major game releases starting in September and October, and that could cause a further spike in subscribers.