Last April, PlayStation 4 players received what will probably become the video game of this 2018. That’s right, we are referring to God of War, an exclusive title for the Sony console that left us speechless due to its great narrative and graphics .

A few months after its release, some of the talented artists who have been working on the game have shown never-before-seen footage of the game, including concepts of enemies, environments and really cool designs of Kratos and his son Atreus.

The art of God of War

Kratos is an iconic character and the design that the developers thought of him for this new installment is completely different from the one seen in his previous titles. He now has a mature and fatherly look compared to the first games. However, the first and only design of his is not the one we are used to seeing in the game that came out recently.

And that concept art revealed by various artists shows a different appearance of Kratos and his son before they were changed for the final game. The following concept art was shared by Jose Daniel Cabrera Penawho worked for Sony Santa Monica Studio during the early days of God of War development.

His art shows the evolution of Kratos’ character design and also has some interesting illustrations that were cut from the final game, such as humans hunting giant creatures. Take a look below:

Raf Grassetti, who is the art director of Sony Santa Monica Studio, was the creator of the final design of Kratos, but he also shared some early concept images that reveal a different appearance of the protagonist along with other famous characters from the game. You can see his work below:

Finally, Arda Koyuncu, a character artist who also works at Sony Santa Monica, revealed concepts for an enemy that was cut from the final game, as well as designs for the different kingdoms. You can see all these images in the Artstation by Koyuncuas some include story spoilers and we don’t want to be the ones to blame for ruining your experience.

Below we will only show you the concept of the enemy that never appeared in the game.


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