During the pigsty, Google pulled entertainment for the little ones and not so young, which allowed visualize a large number of moving animals in augmented existence. Over the months, the number of animals available has been increasing and today we can find the best-known animals in 3D to place in any photograph or situation that we take.

With the appearance of the decaffeinated Halloween that is celebrated in the dark from October 31 to November 1, Google has expanded the repertoire of 3D objectsadding a sad rogue, a human sketch and a ghost, all of them in movement and that will surely allow us to laugh with our friends, children and family (always keeping our distance at all times).

To summon these new characters on our smartphone we just have to write in the search field of the Google application:

  • human eraser (shows us a human sketch dancing)
  • sad feline (doesn’t show a sad rogue with a wizard hat)
  • Hallowe’en (show up in a characteristic spectrum covered by a sheet).

Other rudiments that Google makes available to us to celebrate Halloween, but that are less flashy with:

  • hot dog (not our image of a dachshund in a hot dog bun).
  • tudesco shepherd (shows us this breed of dog with a pirate hat).
  • jack-o’-lantern (shows us 3 internally lit pumpkins with a creepy laugh).

To enjoy all these rudiments, objects and animals in our environment, we must click on the stem View in 3D. These animals and objects are available on most modern devices managed by both Android and iOS and we can use them through the Google browser or through the Google application.

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