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Google Home App – Centralized privacy settings

Google Home App – Centralized privacy settings

Last week there was information that the Google Home app was getting a redesign. Now a privacy entry has also been added to the settings of the Google Home app.

Google Home app gets more visible privacy settings

Google Home App version 2.49 managed to unlock the new Google Home app user interface.

Sideloaded Google Home 2.49 and enabled the new UI. I quite like it – makes controlling your smart home devices much easier, similar to the device controls interface. https://t.co/jBePftcOta pic.twitter.com/5uToZKCuHg

— Mishaal Rahman (@MishaalRahman) March 15, 2022

I currently don’t see this on the Pixel 5 with Android QPR3 Beta and version 2.49 (sideload) of the Google Home app, but I do see the new one Setting privacy.

Clicking on data protection opens the option data protection settings at home. It allows you to review and adjust data usage, privacy, and other settings.

It continues with my household settings such as deleting saved WLANs and saved private addresses. This is followed by my data with the activities in your home and the data on Assistant. You can see both options here and delete content.

There are also various links to guest mode, deleting Google Assistant activities, instructions for Google Nest sensors, Google’s privacy and security guidelines, privacy and security with Google Nest in the home, FAQs on privacy at Nest and Google’s privacy policy.

The regular update to version 2.49 of the Google Home app is not yet available via the Play Store.