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Google Home app gets a redesign

Google Home app gets a redesign

In the Google Home app you bring all your smart devices together. Now there is a redesign, which accelerates the control of the devices directly on the start page.

Google Home App – Redesign of the device controls on the home page

The current start page of the Google Home app shows the connected devices as icons in the respective room. To make further adjustments such as volume or similar, you must first click on the device. After that, for example, you can adjust the volume.

In version 2.49 (currently 2.48) there will be an “updated home screen” to “customize your devices with a few taps”.

Find devices faster, dim compatible lights, and quickly change music volume. Tap to turn your device on or off, swipe left or right to make adjustments, and long press to open more controls.

After the update, the start page will consist of rectangular tiles with rounded corners, similar to the device controls in the quick settings.

Mishaal Rahman has already unlocked the new UI with version 2.49 via sideload.

Sideloaded Google Home 2.49 and enabled the new UI. I quite like it – makes controlling your smart home devices much easier, similar to the device controls interface. https://t.co/jBePftcOta pic.twitter.com/5uToZKCuHg

— Mishaal Rahman (@MishaalRahman) March 15, 2022