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Google Kills Bookmarks, But Don’t Worry

Google Kills Bookmarks, But Don’t Worry

Google is making changes to its browser interface, updating notions and removing those it doesn’t consider necessary. Google has almost nonexistent bookmarks, so you have decided to remove this service to free websites.

You already know that this function is used to classify the favorite pages that you browse regularly, something that ceases to exist in Google. Without blocking, we are going to explain why you should not worry about this measure, since it probably does not affect you.

Google kills bookmarks, but it’s not the end of the world

Before you panic and think you’re going to lose all your saved sites, you don’t need to worry about this information. A service that Google launched in 2005, but that the next September 30, 2021 it will no longer be habitable.

The company has made efforts to certify that it is not a mechanism to obtain data about users and summarize their locations. This is due to suspicion of an unknown service, but it has been under maintenance. for 16 springs.

This September, say goodbye to Google bookmarks: pic.twitter.com/FUFHre7ydG

– Killed by Google 🔪 (@killedbygoogle) July 20, 2021

Despite not being very popular, some achievements that he has in his power cannot be denied. In addition to being a useful tool for storing web links in the cirrus, Google gave it labeling and sorting functions the links in an orderly and personalized way.

Although this may mean the loss of all your sites marked by Google, this will not happen. A spokesman for the company has assured that this speculation is wrong and none of this data will be lost.

So you don’t have to worry about saved pages as much as Google Maps featured locations. In this way, all the bookmarks will remain intact where they are.

On the other hand, this measure will not affect the bookmarks of Chrome, Edge or Firefox. All these browsers have google independent bookmarksso you don’t have to worry about zero.

How to export Google bookmarks

To walk with more peace of mind, you can export your bookmarks in case a long shot leaves you without your saved links. In this way, will be stored on your device for old security.

To do this, go to the google bookmarks web and log in with your usual account to browse the Internet. You can then view all the bookmarks you have attached to all this time, as well as associate a new one.

To export a score, just go to the collateral counter and click on “Export scoreboard“. Immediately, a html-file with saved links.