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Google Paid Photos: How to Download All Photos

Google Paid Photos: How to Download All Photos

This week, Google announced that Google Photos (along with Google Docs) would no longer be free and will start counting on your storage in June 2021. This has been met with some anger from users, as might be expected. Because Google’s big selling point for Photos was the unlimited storage of high-quality photos. This has led to many people wanting to leave Google Photos and head to an alternative, such as Amazon Photos, Dropbox, or something else.

But the big question is, how do you take all these photos from Google Photos and move them elsewhere? Thankfully, with Google Takeout, Google Photos and all of Google’s other information can be downloaded quite easily. So today we show you how to do just that.

How to export your photos from Google Photos

The process of exporting your photos and exiting Google Photos is actually very simple. However, there are some steps involved here. We’ve outlined the process for making it super easy to take your photos from Google Photos and switch to an alternative.

First, go to Google Takeout using a web browser (on desktop or mobile device)

Make sure you are logged into the correct Google account. If you use multiple Google accounts, you may need to switch to the appropriate one.

Then, select “Uncheck all” if you just want to take your Google photos. Then scroll down to the Google Photos section and select it.

In the Google Photos section here, you can select the albums you want to export. So if you want to export just a few albums, that’s also possible. This will also tell you which formats you will be able to export.

This dialog will also ask for frequency information. There are only two options here, once or every two months for a year (for a total of six exports). The latter is better for those who have hundreds of thousands of photos in Google Photos. Those will take some time to download.

You can then choose the file type and size. Whether you want it to be a .zip or .tgz file and you can select files up to 50GB in size. Beyond 50GB, it will be split into separate downloads. Although the default here is 2GB.

Finally, click Create Export.

On this page, you can see the progress of your export and even cancel the export if you wish. Depending on how many photos you have in Google Photos, this may take some time.