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Google Photos already has a new advanced video editor

Google Photos already has a new advanced video editor

yes last month Google announced that it was working on a new video editor for Photos.your hallway in the stratum for your photos and videos and that even now you can transfer all your photos from iCloud to it, such updating is already starting to come to our phones.

Some of its innovations include its more than 30 advanced controls to edit videos, and it is true that here Google has not announced absence that did not arrive. That’s it.

The new Google Photos video editor includes tools to crop videos, change perspective, stabilize video, and even apply filters; so prepare Adobe with its great Premiere Rush (although this service is a fee).

As if we had another series of settings to improve video image quality such as brightness, contrast, saturation and hue of the videos.

I found a hidden feature in March Feature Drop for Pixel, the long-awaited video editor. @AndroidPolice @androidcentral @AndroidAuth pic.twitter.com/3U6l9sYktj

— Andrew C (@AndrewClarkin57) March 10, 2021

In order to edit the video you have to click on the bud itself to bring up the editor interface if you already have the update installed on your mobile (check out the Play Store). Apart from the tools mentioned above like video clipping, adjustments and filters, yes click on “more”, we can give in to the affected function.

The video cropping option has different aspect ratios for some set by default and one in redeemed mode. We still have option to rotate and change perspective and a kernel to restart all settings made.

The adjustment tab consists of: brightness, contrast, white point, whites, shadows, shadow point, saturation, scope, tint, and skin tone.

The upgrade to google photos with new video editor so it looks like it’s coming from the server band and it would be a matter of hours and days before we all have it.