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Google Photos app gets filter chips

Google Photos app gets filter chips

In Google Photos you sort and archive your pictures. The Gallery tab also shows folders on your phone. The new filter chips are now available with an update to find an image more quickly.

Google Photos update brings better filter options

The Google Photos app currently has four tabs at the bottom of the screen. Photos with your stream, Search to search for people or categories, Share to share an album or photos, and Gallery with your created albums and the photos on your device. These are mostly screenshots, WhatsApp images and WhatsApp videos.

With an update, the Photos app now has new, improved filter options. These can be found in the form of chips at the top of the screen in the Gallery tab.

Photos can be displayed filtered by clicking on one of the filter chips “All”, “My Albums”, “On Device”, “Shared Albums”. The chip “On the device” offers another overview of all functions related to your locally saved images.

Here you will find options such as “Import photos”, backup of device images and more. The rollout of the update has already started, but has not yet reached all users.