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Google Photos: how to delete photos from the trash

Google Photos: how to delete photos from the trash

If you’ve set it up correctly, Google Photos can save every video or photo you take. Until June of this year, you can upload as many videos and images as you want without having to worry about a limit. When you want to do some cleaning, you delete those images in the Google Photos trash.

It is better that those pictures and videos go to the recycle bin and not be permanently deleted. You never know, you may need to get them back. Keep in mind that Google Photos will only save deleted images for 60 days. After that, they will be eliminated forever. If there are images you don’t want to risk anyone seeing, here’s how you can manually remove the trash on Google Photos.

How to manually delete all images and videos in the Google Photos trash

If you don’t feel like waiting two months for Google to empty the trash in Google Photos, you can do it manually by following these steps.

Open Google Photos.

Log into your Gmail account if you haven’t already.

When the app opens, tap on the Library option at the bottom right.

On the next page, the Trash icon will be under Utilities.

Now tap on the dots on the top right and the Empty Trash option should appear.

You will receive a confirmation message to make sure this is what you wish to do. If you are sure, tap on the confirm option. The process will only take a few seconds.


When there is an image that you don’t want anyone to see, you delete it. The image goes to the trash, but anyone who knows Google Photos can easily restore it by going to the trash and long-pressing on it.

When you do this, a blue restore option appears at the bottom right. After tapping on this option, that file is restored with all the ones you want to keep.

So how often do you manually empty the trash or just wait for Google to do it? Share your thoughts in the comments below.