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Google Play Music finally available for download!

Google Play Music finally available for download!

The official Google app lands on the App Store to take advantage of its new music streaming service: Google Play Music

When the app is opened, the graphical interface is immediately presented with the “Listen Now” screen where a selection of your songs will be available, loaded on the virtual library of Google Play Music, ready for immediate listening; from here you will also be advised on which songs you can listen to based on your common habits.
The graphics are compatible with iOS 7 but at times it turns out to be slightly invasive, nothing annoying anyway.
By opening the side menu you can access your complete music collection, your playlists and the Instant Mix section.
Instant Mix is ​​a function very similar to that offered by iTunes Radio, that is, select an artist, a song or an album from your library and the app will build a sort of playlist or radio station based on the affinity of genres, artists etc … that characterize your songs. It will then be up to you, selecting whether you like a song or not, decide whether to listen to it again in the future in the mix or not.
A huge flaw I found is this: loading my music library that I had on iTunes, within Play Music, I noticed, with profound bewilderment, that many songs that were not present in the collection offered by Google for sale, are been uploaded in a different language! Let me explain: I had the soundtrack of the Lion King in Italian, and I found it on Google Play Music in French! Really amazing!
For this I decided to put Google Play Music in the drawer and delete it from all my devices.
Failed in full.
However, here is the complete description of the app, which you can download at the following link:
Google Play Music makes it easier for you to find, listen and share your favorite music wherever you are.
With our new Unlimited service you can listen to millions of songs, unlimited custom radio and find more music you like.

With both Unlimited and Standard services, the Google Play Music app lets you listen to your music collection anywhere. All music is stored online, so you don’t have to worry about syncing, storage or offline playback. You can listen to music seamlessly on any device and on the web.

Unlimited features:
* Listen to all the songs you want
* Create custom radio stations with any song, artist or album
* Listen to radio with unlimited skips
* Receive relevant recommendations based on your tastes
* Listen to playlists made by our music experts

Functions of the Unlimited and Standard versions:
* Add up to 20,000 songs from your personal music collection using your Mac, Windows or Linux computer
* Listen to music on all your devices and with our web player at play.google.com/music
* Access your music anywhere without syncing it and save your favorite songs to listen to them offline
* Listen to all music without ads