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Google redesigns Chrome profiles: how to create and customize them

Google redesigns Chrome profiles: how to create and customize them

A few hours ago Google announced a great novelty for the browser: the ability to create a personal profile in Chrome as your own space so as not to coincide with another person who also uses your PC, or what your tablet will be (hopefully soon on these devices). Let’s say you’ve redesigned the profiles.

The truth is that it is a great novelty, since we may use Chrome ourselves for work or personal purposes, or even when we share the PC or tablet with several members of the group. What you want to say is that when we register in an eCommerce, Google’s autocomplete rig gives us that of a relative and we have to re-enter ours… A mess, come on, and now Google solves it.

When you use your PC for work or share it with more people

What about profiles like you? own space in Chrome comes to help in those moments in which the browsing history of any person who has used our PC or tablet is reflected, a form that is completed with some credentials already in the cookies (which by the way are not missing in the latest Mozilla proposal call for Total Cookie Protection) of a relative, or who finds the subject has changed when he likes lighter colors.

the truth that it’s frustrating when this happens and right now for ussince the pages we visit when we are in leisure / entertainment mode will be very different from when we are working.

Then Google has put on the mico and has redesigned the heir profiles in Chrome. to make it one more experience so that we can switch between personal spaces from the browser without interfering with that of others or with ours.

How to create a personal space as a profile in Chrome

One of the nice differences in the profile redesign in Chrome is the fact that in the windows task bar we can witness as the chrome icon It is customized with the profile that we are using with those windows open.

That’s it if we open a new profile after claiming an image that personalizes it, this will be the one that identifies you on the task counter. If we pin it to the task bar, that Chrome icon will appear with the personal profile, so as we find ourselves idly browsing, we will use one or the other Chrome; as it will happen if our laptop is used by the group so that each one has their personalized profile.

Each custom profile consists of:

Now it remains that give a custom color to the item to identify even faster when we browse from the union or personal profile; The same can apply to different members of the group or when we work for different clients.

Attack from other devices

If you go to having to create another Google account to be able to access different profiles from the same PC if you want, use it on another device. If you try to create a custom profile and try to sync it with the same account, it will notify you that this account is already being used on the PC.

Created or using another, we can synchronize so that when we go to our mobile we have it synchronized and on that PC or tablet we can designate one or another profile.

A great initiative from Google so that we can separate our personal and professional life through what Let’s navigate the browser with these Chrome profiles.