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Google Store in New York City doesn’t have to be done


Google Store in New York City doesn’t have to be done

According to what has been published in the past few hours, the presence of a Google Store physical along the territory of New York City is not to be done. The news therefore goes to deny any possible hypothesis already established in March 2014 and passed with pagna pomp, according to which the Mountain View giant should have subsequently inaugurated a retail store located in Manhattan, within which they would have acted as master all the latest Nexus range (smartphones and tablets) combined with Chromebooks and Chromecast. Yet everything seemed to agree in one direction, as the company previously signed a lease agreement for a 5,422-square-foot building located in SoHo, a small borough of Manhattan and spending $ 6 million. to renovate it.

The intention was therefore soon said: to create a Google Store physicist. But what led to this sensational reverse? The reason is still unclear, although the company has so far made no official announcement about the lease of the store located at 131 Greene Street. It is at least strange to imagine that Google first paid out money for the lease and the contextual restoration (as confirmed by some images immortalized on the spot) and then suddenly trashed everything, trying to sub-rent the property as reported by Crain’s New York Business.

Anyway, the chatter around the possible birth of a Google Store physical, on the same wavelength as the Apple Stores and the recently inaugurated Micorosft Flagship, has been echoing online for some time. Already in 2013 a similar event was hypothesized, when the Mountain View giant, in an attempt to push the Google Glass project (later set aside), wanted to create a Google Store ad-hoc in which to sell and at the same time “train” consumers in the use of this particular technological tool. Even then it all ended up in the basket and then it is perhaps reasonable to think that the possible launch of a Google Store physical so as to compete with Apple and Microsoft is not one of the pressing priorities of the giant, which has other things to think about (above all, the recent news of a possible even greater integration between Android and Chrome OS).