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Graphic comparison Battlefield V: PC vs PS4 vs Xbox One

Graphic comparison Battlefield V: PC vs PS4 vs Xbox One

You already know that at Sonyers.com we are very fond of graphic comparisons and that we are not afraid that the PlayStation 4 version will come out better or worse. That is why, once we have been able to enjoy the Open-Beta from Battlefield Vwe offer you an interesting comparison of both graphics and frame rate.

Comparison with palpable differences

On this occasion, the boys of Candyland, they have put the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions face to face. Which of them comes out worse off? It is clear that, this time, it is the PS4 version, although there is still time to adjust the performance of the three versions.

In the case of the PC version we see a rate of images per second blocked at 60 totally stable frames. In the case of Xbox One it remains above 50 frames. In PlayStation 4 the thing is a little fairer, oscillating between 40 and 45 fps.

Instead, things change as far as definition is concerned. The PC wins the game again if we compare the three versions, however, on the video console, this time, it is the PlayStation 4 version that offers the best definition.

In terms of shadow effects, the compatible version is still above the others but, once again, the Sony game console version is the sharpest compared to the Xbox One version.

To all this we must add the resolution at which the title works in each of the opposing “hardwares”. In the case of Xbox One we are talking about a dynamic resolution that goes from 720p to 900p. On the other hand, on PlayStation 4 the resolution is stuck in the 1080p.

Battlefield V is still a couple of months away on next 20 of Novembertime that they will undoubtedly make the most of in IT SAYS to offer the best possible versions on each of the machines where it will be released.