GreedFall, the much-loved Fantasy RPG from Spiders Studio and Focus Home Interactive, arrives alongside the new Gold Edition on June 30 with improved 4K UHD visuals, fast loading times and improved performance on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S! The Gold Edition includes the base game and new expansions: The De Vespe Conspiracy. This expansion brings a brand new adventure to console and PC players within the uncharted territories of Teer Fradee. New enemies, gear and an expanded story that builds on the award-winning GreedFall story. Get a taste of what’s in store for you from June 30 in the most complete edition of GreedFall in these exclusive screenshots!

The complete original game with a brand new expansion!

Take your first steps in a new world and determine the outcome. Make friends, betray them or cheat entire factions. Be part of a living, evolving world and complete various objectives and quests.

The De Vespe Conspiracy expands the story of the beloved GreedFall world and introduces you to a previously unknown portion of Teer Fradee. Navigate a maze of lies, manipulations and secrets and unravel a sneaky conspiracy that threatens to disrupt the balance of power. Explore an untrodden region of the island, battle strange new creatures and upgrade your gear, and face an evil new faction on your quest for the truth.

GreedFall: Gold Edition and The De Vespe Conspiracy coming to PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC on June 30. On the same day, GreedFall will also be coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, with free upgrades and save file compatibility for owners on PS4 and Xbox One. Go on an adventure with 4K resolution, vastly improved graphics, fast loading times and 60fps in Performance Mode on Xbox Series X|S and PS5.

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