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Here are the **** panties for retro gamers

Here are the **** panties for retro gamers

Here comes a new item for the women’s clothing market inspired by video games: the pixelated panties.

This **** lingerie has been designed especially for those who want to always carry the passion for videogames with them, even in their underwear. The line was created from an indiegogo campaign by Maison Pixel, which for now has only this particular object for sale, but intends to specialize in lingerie linked to the videogame / retro world.

This little gem it was created by two Portuguese minds: Cesaria and Sebastiao, who claim that their panties are the first garment in the world to be 8-bit. Their intent was to make trendy and **** retro graphics too, as some models can show us in the images at the end of the article.

The earnings from the kickstarting campaign exceeded $ 20,000, double what the creators had requested. At the moment, the **** panties retails for $ 19.99 and come in different colors with names inspired by famous characters of the videogame scenario, such as the “Blu Sonic” or the “Pink Kirby” to finish with the “Yellow Miss Pacman”. Who knows, maybe in the future we will see other new underwear in the same style that is so reminiscent of the dawn of videogames.