Crytek’s Sofia team is working on a new online multiplayer game.

Crytek acquired Black Sea Studio in Sofia in 2008, which had previously become known as the Knights of Honor RTS and the TimeShift RTS-RPG hybrid. The Bulgarian team is now working on a new game, an action-packed online multiplayer, the Arena of Fate-I. Crytek will strengthen the “Games-as-a-service” line started with Warface with the new arrival. In the game, two teams of five will be able to fight each other. As a player, you will be able to choose from historical and fairytale characters such as Jeanne d’Arc, Nikola Tesla, Robin Hood, Piroska, Frankenstein, Tummy Tuck Jack or Baron Münchhausen. Arena of Fate can be tried out for the first time in three weeks by visitors to E3, and you can sign up for the PC Early Access Beta, which kicks off this summer, now on the game’s official website.


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