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Homefront The Revolution, new gameplay trailer

Homefront The Revolution, new gameplay trailer

Homefront: The Revolution, second chapter of the homonymous saga, will arrive soon on all next-generation platforms. Just in preparation for its launch, they will be released a series of videos that will illustrate its aspects and mechanics. The first of them will be “Guerrilla 101”

The players will play the role of the resistance, which will have to fight in urban areas in real blitzes against the forces of the KPA. Precisely for this reason, the game will focus a lot on the control, and use, of the surrounding environment and on teamwork in obtaining key positions, dampening the enemy up to lock him in the narrow spaces of the city streets. Being a resistance made up of ordinary people, many weapons will be handcrafted and components can be changed to fit them to your style of play, for example by applying a silencer if you want to be stealthy or a grenade launcher in the most chaotic situations. Or even turn a pistol into another type of weapon, and many other combinations to discover.

The game is open world, and the arsenal at our disposal will allow us to create several ambushes to the KPA. We could plant explosives on a car parked near them, use their technology to hit them, interfere with their drones to use them to our advantage, and many other possibilities. Precisely this enormous choice of approaches will allow you to unleash your creativity in an attempt to reconquer your lands, repaying the cruelty with which the Korean forces have oppressed the American people.

Furthermore, the difficulties and challenges will vary depending on the militarization situation of the territory that you will try to resume, passing from a yellow level, therefore of a lower threat, to the red one where a sensational action will be necessary to oust the oppressors.

Homefront: The Revolution will be available from 5 May 2016 on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.