Minus one hundred euros. It is the discount offered by the Huawei company that has launched a special offer on the Honor 6 Plus price proposing it to 299.99 euros. To purchase the device you will need to go to the vmal.eu website and create an account. The deadline for carrying out all the steps is in two days, Sunday 11 October.

The Honor 6 Plus price. The discount will be accessible, however, for one day only: Monday 12 October. The characteristics of the device consist of a processor HiSilicon Kirin 925 octa core an internal memory of 32GB with the possibility of expansion, through the MicroSD card up to 128GB.

  For Honor released, but…

But one of the strong points of Honor 6 Plus it is undoubtedly the screen that comes with a FullHD resolution of 1920 × 1080 and with a pixel density of 401 with excellent color quality and a fair level of brightness.

Also of great quality photos taken through the two cameras with an eight megapixel sensor. The battery is 3,600 mAh which in theory should bring the autonomy to over two days, but in fact, through a considerable use of the device especially through numerous photo shots and considerable web browsing, the whole day is not exceeded. The Honor 6 Plus price, in the light of the features listed above, it looks really good.


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