Barry Leitch proposed a daring proposal of marriage to his girlfriend, involving the very game he worked on, the excellent horizon chase. See how the order was!

We are big fans of the work of Barry Leitch, composer behind the iconic Top Gear and more recently, from horizon chase, Brazilian game that did a great job in recapturing the feeling of the longing for racing games. But apparently, Leitch had an even bigger plan in Horizon Chase, and for that, the Rio Grande do Sul developers achie decided to help.

The idea was simple: Ask Leitch’s girlfriend Karen to marry him in the game, so the studio staff helped Barry place an easter egg that fires only when a person draws a heart on the screen during the game’s first clue, the of San Francisco.

But the plan is a little more complicated, with Leitch living in Utah and Karen living in Scotland. Leitch explains in the video that since he couldn’t be there in person, they created a fake interview to justify the use of cameras, and telling an elaborate story about a bakery in Glasgow that had some relationship to the developers’ partners.

The plan, as well as the making of, was recorded and posted on the YouTube channel of achie. Check out the videos below (make sure to activate the subtitles button next to the menu to watch the video subtitled in Portuguese):

The easter egg is available for anyone to activate, and you have to hit the San Francisco lane and draw a heart on the screen to see the love letter Barry wrote, or you can watch the video right here.

horizon chase is available for mobile devices on iOS and Android, in addition to receiving a version for PS4 coming soon.


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