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How has the “chip crisis” affected car manufacturing?

How has the “chip crisis” affected car manufacturing?

The US data is revealing about how has it affected to the industry car manufacturing, the recently experienced ‘chip crisis’. A crisis that, by the way, continues to affect the industry in a negative way. And not only to the manufacture of automobiles, but also to the manufacture of trucks and spare parts for each other.

These data from the United States reveal that, during the last month, it has been necessary to summarize manufacturing vehicles because there were not enough microchips. While industrial production, factories, mines and public services increased their output by 0.4% -after favor increased by 0.7% in May-, the automobile sector suffered 6.6% during the month of June.

Automobile manufacturing has been known to be hit hard by the microchip slip-up around the world.

Car manufacturing has not only suffered in the United States, but also here in Europe. Already the coronavirus crisis has been affecting new car clearance saleBut the microchip shortage has been another hard bump. And all in a context in which the future of the automobile is decided, while the sale of gasoline, diesel and even hybrids is postponed in the coming years.

So, in a period of uncertainties and unknownsand practically in the middle of a global pandemic, the microchip crisis It has been another hard bump that the automobile sector has received. And that, just as it has affected vehicle manufacturing, has also affected sales. Because, even with demand, there weren’t enough cars to deliver.

Little by little, normality is being restored and microchip He is getting back to his normal rhythm. But this problem that has affected the sector makes it clear that automobile and technology are increasingly linked, and that the dependencies manufacturers have on their technology providers are critical. Even more so when with electric cars the technological load incorporated in each and every one of the vehicles that are manufactured is increasingly extensive.