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How to appear offline on PS5


How to appear offline on PS5

It’s easier than you might think to appear offline on PS5. Why would you want? Well it depends. Ever feel like sitting and playing without interacting with the people on your friends list? Sure you do. Who doesn’t? In fact, most people probably feel that way at least sometime. Even if it doesn’t happen often.

The fact of the matter is that people will have different reasons for using this feature. Maybe your friends want you to join the latest shooter. But you’d rather play a solo title you’ve been up to your neck in the last few days. And appearing offline is easier than having to decline.

Whatever the reason, this is a short guide on how to appear offline on PS5 even if you want to do it yourself.

How to appear offline on PS5 via the home screen

For starters, go to PS5. Joking, joking … a little bit. But is it obvious right? So let’s move on. The first thing you need to do is make sure you are on the home screen.

Click on the avatar from either position

Click on your avatar to see the list of actions you can take regarding your profile. And before you go too far, note that if you have a green dot next to your avatar, it means you’re online. So now you know what to keep an eye out for if you’re never sure.

Highlight online status (top option)

Next you should see online status as the top option in the menu that pops up after clicking on your avatar. Highlight it and click on it.

Select “appear offline”

Simply select the “appear offline” option under “online” and “busy” and you will switch to “appear offline”. That way no one on your friends list can actually see that you are online. Which is probably what you want if you are reading this guide.

But there is another way to regulate your online status.

How to appear offline on PS5 via the control center

If you press the PlayStation button to view the control center, your profile avatar is usually towards the end. Unless you scrambled things up after Sony’s big software update in September, which allowed you to rearrange everything in the control center. Wherever your profile avatar is, find and highlight it, then click on it.

Click on online status and select appears offline

From here the process is exactly the same as above. Just hit the online status option to see the three different options you have for setting your online status. That again they are online, busy and appear offline. Select appear offline and you are good to go.

You will now appear as if you are offline to anyone on your friends list. You’ll still see them online, and you can still get notifications when someone signs up (unless they’ve also set their status to appear offline). As well as for anything else.

And this is all. You can now play at your leisure while offline. Simple, right?