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How to avoid being found on Instagram

How to avoid being found on Instagram

Today Instagram is one of the safest social networks out there., so much so that it begins to win weight against the competition. Not only young people create an account, it is possible if you are a business, a company or a sports club.

Among the many things this service is to avoid being foundThis will reduce your circle of friends to certain people you know. To do this, it is necessary to follow a few steps to be able to resist this process to the extreme and be invisible to the entire network.

How to avoid being opposite on Instagram

To avoid being opposite on Instagram A fundamental step is to delete your phone number, for this the people who use “Inquire friends” will not find you in this way. An essential thing is to have the account verified, click on “Edit Profile” and join an email to Private Information, then validate upon receiving the email.

Another step is to unlink your Facebook account from Instagram., so that the relatives do not find you, correct the link this is more feasible, since you will be reachable at all times. To unlink it, follow these steps:

Disable similar accounts on Instagram

Little essential yet to not show yourself on Instagram is to disable similar account suggestions, remember that if you do so you will be invisible on the social network. In this case, the steps to follow are: