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How to connect and link Discord to your PS4 and PS5 (Tutorial 2021)

How to connect and link Discord to your PS4 and PS5 (Tutorial 2021)

Crossover repertoire is a huge naivete in video games today.. One of those who took the first step was Fortnite, a title that is already played by many millions of people around the world. Thanks to this we can challenge games with the people we love and for some time be able to communicate directly with them.

Discord is a point of encounter for the players, and it is that with the application we can chat with our contacts and we have the option to connect to created games or invite others. Add a chat in which to write text and we can use our voice to communicate with any of the contacts in line at that moment.

We are going to teach you how to connect Discord on PS4 and PS5, which will take a few minutes and a configuration that you will have to do if you want to use it with one of these two consoles. At the moment there is no official application for the console, but everything indicates that there will be one soon.

How to connect Discord to PS4 and PS5 from PC

Currently connecting the Discord voice service and desktop consoles is quite complicated, but it is not a little unfeasible. These processes include connecting a DualShock 4 connector to the computer and configure it. It is a possibility, but it does not solve the problem.

Ideally, everything is connected to each other: the sound of the video game, the voice chat and Discord.essential for everything to work properly. The system to be produced is an audio mixer so that everything is in gear and you can use it perfectly.

The best in this case is have an audio mixer. Today we can get one at a fairly affordable price that can range between 25 and 100 euros. In this case we have used the Figura Gaming Mixamp Pro Tr, a cool and powerful mixer that is used in the professional environment.

How to connect Discord to your PS4 and PS5

To connect Discord to your PS4 or PS5 you must follow these steps:

These are all the steps to set up Discord between PC, console and mixer so that the sound connects to each other and works seamlessly. It is true that Once everything is configured, it will be easier to use the application with our console.

Problems that can arise when connecting Discord with PS4 or PS5

An issue that can occur when connecting Discord on PS4 and PS5 is that you won’t be able to hear other audio playing on your computer. The audio will be obtained from the Mixamp Pro TR console, transcendental to listen to everything in headphones and a microphone that is used through the USB input.

To solve this, you will need to connect the 3.5mm cable to the speaker port on the PC and the AUX port on your Mixamp Pro TR. Change the output device to speakers and everything will fix and fix little which is momentous if you want to play other sound on PC.

Discord won’t even come with PS5… for now

What is clear at the moment Discord will not be conditioned with PlayStation 5, the console at the time of its arrival will have proprietary software from Sony and other recognized companies. The configuration to be carried out is the same, using an audio mixer to connect all in one also on PS5.

Discord is out for now, but the best option is to do it through a Windows PC, follow the settings at the top and use the app as normal. Getting a mixer consists of designating one of approximately 30-40 euros that is worth a well-known brand.

Discord has a growing community

Discord is an application that will help us stay in touch with friends., get together to challenge a repertoire, chat by text messages and also by voice chat. The application is also conditioned on the Android platform, it weighs little enough and can be used just like the computer, since it would attack the contacts quickly.

Discord Safe allows you to share videos, it’s an understandable possibility to stay in touch with your community, whether you’re a serious youtuber or a person with a small swarm of followers. You still have the option to use the mobile app with your headphones. and start a repertoire in a repertoire with that person and talk directly, although it is not an ideal possibility since you have to have your mobile close to you.

The Discord app already exceeds 100 million downloads currently and it continues to grow after many bet on it even ahead of other applications. The tool is in full gachupin and is quite simple, it has the most important options in a visible way and additionally you can chat privately with whoever you want.